What is wrong with Leixia TC attacks?!

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Leixia crouches during 3A, yet it doesn't techcrouch anything. The Hell is wrong with them? Does she have a single good horizontal that isn't high?

And I swear I've seen people actually tech crouch her 22_88B. Maybe some moves put them into lying down state for absolutely no reason (because they're obviously not lying down).

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Soul Calibur V
Leixia's 1A is an extremely good tech crouch, actually she's crouching pretty much as soon as the animation of the move starts. I get lots of counter hits anticipating highs with it and then you get a free launcher. Also, her WR A is a good horizontal mid attack.


[13] Hero
It doesn't TC anything? Of course it does. It has TC frames from the 6th-28th frame, so almost during the entire animation.

Other good horizontals are 44A, WR A, 3A+B. All of them mid. All of them safe.


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3A does have TC but the frames on it are wonky, not starting till the 8th frame, despite her animation.

The phenomenon you described with someone TC'ing 22B is likely due to a smaller character's hitbox being 1 pixel too far to the side due to the sidestep, while they happened to be crouching. I've seen this move whiff when it appeared to hit. It happens sometimes... Leixia has several moves with similar issues.
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