What made you choose your main?

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  1. lespaulphoenix

    lespaulphoenix [06] Combatant

    I picked Siegfried because in SCIV he was where the character select thingy started on, so instead of searching everywhere to find a potential main, I just chose him and Nightmare because they were easiest to find.
    I still main Siegfried because I'm too lazy to learn other characters... While I am avidly training in theory calibur with Cervy... Whose complex and execution-heavy playstyle completely goes against my laziness. lol
  2. Kai_lombax

    Kai_lombax [13] Hero

  3. NeclordX

    NeclordX [12] Conqueror

    Nightmate because I'm not a good player, I don't learn long combos, so I need someone that can win with just one or two successful tactics.
  4. Landfish

    Landfish [09] Warrior

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  5. Afrofrog

    Afrofrog [09] Warrior

    SC 2 was the first video game I owned, for Gamecube. In that game I really enjoyed playing Talim, the way her moves had her bouncing over the screen, as well as that one grab where you spanked a person with her weapons was just satisfying. Later on I decided to get interested in the SC franchise again, and bought SC 4. I played primarily Yoshimitsu, Astaroth, and Voldo. I really enjoyed trolling my less skill-full friends with Yoshimitsu pogo-stick, and Voldo face rape grabs. Astaroth was just so manly, how could I not play him?

    However in SC 5, I got a nostalgia trip, and was so looking forward to playing this game in a serious competitive nature, and was going to beat up people with my precious Talim. However, I was severely disappointed, but bought the game anyways. I currently play Natsu, Aeon, and Yoshimitsu. There's something about each of those characters that reminds me of Talim..
  6. FleshMasher

    FleshMasher [12] Conqueror

    Taki since Soul Edge and now Natsu.
    At Soul Edge Time my main game was MK so i looked for a Ninja and tried Taki, i liked her.
    But didn't play the game much.
    In SC i picked her again, and her Style, Speed and Ninja Awesomeness just blew my mind.
    Now there's Natsu, familiar, different and even nostalgic in some ways, yay for 3B :D
    She's very complex and fun to play.
    Has stylish combos and lots of nice gameplay details and nuances.
  7. ghost333

    ghost333 [04] Fighter

    I played taki since SE because she is ninja ofc, and i like fast paced chars.
    well now natsu came so why not?
  8. Norik

    Norik [14] Master

    Dark Khill
    I used to play a lot with Sophitia and Cassandra, I guess that's why I play Pat and Pyrrha. Ivy is also looking interesting, I'm starting to learn her out of curiosity, who knows how this will end...
  9. SorceressSeren

    SorceressSeren [14] Master

    I originally picked Ivy in 2 because I thought she looked cool and had nice boobs. Then 4 came around and I loved everything about her EXCEPT her boobs. Now I love her boobs again.

    It's a strange, breast filled relationship, but now I love her because of her style and how she's not used as much as other characters. *Ivy hipster*
  10. janejana

    janejana [06] Combatant

    I picked Taki in SC because NINJA, and Raphael in SCII because he was hot. I play Natsu and Patroklos in SCV for the same reasons, basically.

    My selection process is pretty straightforward.
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  11. ChaosK

    ChaosK [13] Hero

    I like how man and women apparently have the same reasoning on whom they like, basically :D
  12. sephalump

    sephalump Video games kill people

    Cervantes and Pat. Cerv because I played him in 4 and he comes naturally. Patroklos because he's like Cerv in 4 with that irritating low. Others like Zwei, Mitsu, and Algol because I just like 'em.
  13. Nine-L

    Nine-L [08] Mercenary

    Namco fucked me out of Zasalamel for nothing even resembling a good reason, so Nightmare is the next best thing.
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  14. Misty_Chaos

    Misty_Chaos [04] Fighter

    Pyrrha. She just appealed to me, mainly because she was so damn cute, yeah that's the real reason. I also like the fact that she is the polar opposite to my SF main ( Juri ) personality wise. The fact she is easy to use and viable is a bonus.
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  15. Nate

    Nate [05] Battler

    I main Leixia because Xianghua was my secondary in II and my primary main in IV, and even if Cass' style did steal my heart in II I still thought Xianghua was the coolest chick in the game and she was my favorite. Now, in SCV, I love how Leixia is a cute Chinese girl and I love how everyone hates her voice and I love the versatility of her fighting style and I love how Kilik is NOT THE FATHER, and that is why I main Leixia!
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  16. Thavaro

    Thavaro [01] Neophyte

    Played Raphael in 3 and 4.
    Then I learned about tier lists.
    Now I play aPat...
    That and execution barriers are fun.
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  17. IamSub0

    IamSub0 [06] Combatant

    My first SC experience was a random check-out (free rental for GameStop employees) of SC2 on GC when it first came out. Initially, I didn't see any characters that appealed to me, so I thought, "Well, Frenchie's hot, and fencing is cool," and picked Raphael. I found that his playstyle was just what I was looking for, encouraging good offense and providing relative flexibility of range. A fun character with the benefit of being nice to look at? Sweet. Kilik was my secondary, also due to his range variability.

    I kept maining my sabreur in the subsequent games, even if I thought he got shafted on costumes. In SC3, I also played a lot with CaS characters of the ninja and thief styles. I sure do miss having a selection of CaS-exclusive styles to chose from.

    Kilik (now Xiba) is still a favorite, as is Nightmare, when I simply want to dominate. Ivy's been rewarding in 5 as well. I always wanted to master Siegfried, but never could get the hang of him.
  18. Solo

    Solo [14] Master

    I've always leaned towards using larger weapons no matter what game it is. But my first SC experience was SCII, I was so young then I just picked Link and my disk broke 2 weeks later. SCIV came with my X-Box in some weird sale at Walmart. I played Taki at first, thought I liked the fast style and agility but over time I learned Siegfried was my true main. I always performed better with him and had more fun playing him.

    In SCV I main both Sieg and Nightmare. Sieg just because he feels natural and NM for the matchups Sieg sucks at (I'm looking at you Natsu!). They both serve me well in my love for large weapons. I love watching huge chunks pop off the health bar. >:D

    Other note: Could never get a liking for Astaroth though, and the SCV matchups for Sieg/NM v Asta are making me start to hate him. Lol
  19. Ryoka

    Ryoka [09] Warrior

    I never did like using mimics before in Soul Calibur, but Elysium turned a new leaf for me. A unique (and great) critical edge is exactly the kind of flair that entices people to play them. Too bad Kilik or Edge Master didn't get that same treatment.

    I primarily played Ivy, Xianghua and Taki before due to their styles, so the fact that Elysium also uses those styles is a nice perk for me. I can deal with the other styles she uses because hopefully, having to learn them all to a good degree to get anywhere competitively would force me to step up my game and become a better player for it. It's always fun to land a highly damaging "Elysium only" CE combo.
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  20. kinGFupa

    kinGFupa [04] Fighter

    I main Justin Bieber, errr I mean Xiba...NO JK

    Maxi of course....because Elvis is the king

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