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Discussion in 'NEW PLAYER ARENA' started by Hussler, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. Hussler

    Hussler Hilde SA Mod

    Umm hi? How's it going?

    Just wanted to say hi, and introduce myself to the community.

    I go by Hussler, and I've been playing fighting games casually for a while now. My current game is BlazBlue. I'm really looking forward to joining the SoulCalibur community and getting into the competitive scene because, well, it just looks so damn awesome.

    I recently moved to Toronto, Canada and I heard the fighting game scene there is pretty big so I just can't wait to get involved!
    So, here's to new friends and new competition! *cheers*
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  2. Luneth22

    Luneth22 [13] Hero

    Welcome to 8WR! I love Blazblue as well. Who are you planning on using in SCV?
  3. Hussler

    Hussler Hilde SA Mod

    I use Carl in BlazBlue, so I feel inclined to play as ZWEI or Viola since they, like Carl, require a strategical and "place x here, then do y" mindset.
    But I really like Patsuka's style, so I'm undecided as of now lol!
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    SCPartisan Holy Moly

    Heya Hussler, welcome to the forums!

    I advise that you check out the this thread if you're interested in meeting up with up with the Toronto crew. They're a very friendly and talented group of players so you will definitely be in the right spot for competition!

    See you around!
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  4. Hawkeye

    Hawkeye Road 2 EVO!!!

    I love BlazBlue... But im a noob. I main Tsubaki... The bitch dont do any damage.... Just like my SC4 Taki.. LOL
    Anywho WELCOME!!
  5. Hussler

    Hussler Hilde SA Mod

    Thanks for the welcome y'all! It'll be fun spending time here. :)
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  6. Pocky-Yoshi

    Pocky-Yoshi [14] Master

    Pocky Yoshi says hello and is pleased to meet you. Looks like you're all set. ^^;

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