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Umm hi? How's it going?

Just wanted to say hi, and introduce myself to the community.

I go by Hussler, and I've been playing fighting games casually for a while now. My current game is BlazBlue. I'm really looking forward to joining the SoulCalibur community and getting into the competitive scene because, well, it just looks so damn awesome.

I recently moved to Toronto, Canada and I heard the fighting game scene there is pretty big so I just can't wait to get involved!
So, here's to new friends and new competition! *cheers*


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I use Carl in BlazBlue, so I feel inclined to play as ZWEI or Viola since they, like Carl, require a strategical and "place x here, then do y" mindset.
But I really like Patsuka's style, so I'm undecided as of now lol!
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Heya Hussler, welcome to the forums!

I advise that you check out the this thread if you're interested in meeting up with up with the Toronto crew. They're a very friendly and talented group of players so you will definitely be in the right spot for competition!

See you around!


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I love BlazBlue... But im a noob. I main Tsubaki... The bitch dont do any damage.... Just like my SC4 Taki.. LOL
Anywho WELCOME!!