When I thought I had seen all of Yoshi's unblockables...


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Yeah, I messed around with this setup for awhile and found it to be pretty good... if you could actually consistently use it. OhGlob was right, it is an IFP (Iron Fist Possession) move. In Soulcalibur V they are tied to how many aGIs he has "installed". Even if you have the correct amount Lightning Screw Uppercut will still come out at random along with several other Tekken moves.

Note: that is not a combo at all.


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Ok, I am somewhat newbish to Yoshi. How many auto GIs does one need? I looked online and a sciv video mentions it depends on the time of the match... I did notice that little wave taunt becomes unblockable at times, and not others.

Fuck it. There's probably a thread on this.