Where have the NPCs gone? Storywise, I mean.


[13] Hero
People keep asking about characters like Yun-Seong, Seong Mi-na, Zasalamel and Talim, but I think they are fairly popular and their disappearence will be adressed in SCVI if the game is not rushed as well. But what happened to those minor ones? After seeing so many new faces popping up in the SCIV and I expected some of them to be reused as new characters in SCV, but most of them are nowhere to be seen even in the book. About the NPCs:

- Marienbard/Jacqueline/Auguste - I know someone will probably say that they got killed by Raphael in SCIV, but are Raphael and Amy's endings canon? AFAIK he never got his hands in the Soul Calibur and thus, he wouldn't have killed them to get the powers. Also, even if it was canon, which of them survived: Jacqueline or Auguste?

- Valmiro - Who even is him again? When it comes to Raphael's servants, at least the story shows them when they are "hired" by him. Valmiro came from nowhere and went nowhere.

- Azola/Solnhofen - That book New Legends of Soul (or something like that) says that Dürer is serving Nightmare. Okay, but... what happened to Azola and Solnhofen? Specially Azola, actually, she seemed like she had potential to become her own character, due to being the one to "turn Sophitia to the Dark Side".

- Gargantua and his bandits - Another one that came out of nowhere and went nowhere as well. I expected more from that.

- Astaroth's soldiers - I heard they were Wolfkrone soldiers, but what happened to them after Maxi killed the monster?