Which player would you like to see sponsored for Final Round 17?


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Hey everyone! Final Round is rapidly approaching, with it taking place in the middle of March this year (March 14th-16th) and as usual looking to be one of the bigger events for SoulCalibur in NA. Thanks to @ShinBlanka and others, we now have Final Round as a main game.

A lot of people are hyped up for this tournament and like previous years, there will be a number of great players coming out to play. @RTD has recently made a generous offer to help finance players who are uncertain if they can go to Final Round via Facebook.
RTD said:
As such, I'd be glad to help sponsor them for Final Round. Upon showing proof of a plane ticket to ATL for Final Round, I will pay for their Final Round registration. We can vote for any other top players we'd like to see there and open up a fundraiser. Let me know your opinions and we will work on it!
With that being said I will add a poll to this thread for this cause so please vote for who you would like to see! In case I forgot to add somebody to the vote let me know and I will fix it.

Poll: http://www.poll-maker.com/poll59007xba724f24-3

Don't forget to pre register!!! www.finalround.org/register.cfm

RTD said:
Let's start reaching out to these players and start making paypal donations to suntaree.combs@gmail.com to support them getting here. When you donate, please put the amount and your preferred players for FR as your picks will take precedence. I'll update this thread daily with the amount of money we raise.

So far we have:

$15 for Partisan
$50 for Omega, lolo, Hates, or Partisan
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Michael Stabile


I'm really thinking about getting into this one since ATL is just 3 hours from my crib. I just need to know how much money am I gonna need. Will someone be rooming people or will a hotel be needed?