Why did my version of Soulcalibur III have different voices?


[08] Mercenary
I've noticed (but forgot to ask for a while now, but I did ask on YouTube&GameFAQS, didn't get a damn thing back so..,) that two of Siegfried's lines change depending on what version of the game you have, so at least, I think.
Like when I go to Siegfried's profile (this applies only to the English voices btw, obviously), I go to "Shut up!" and "Gimme a break!". Instead he says, "You're not going anywhere!" for "Shut up!", and "It's useless!" for "Gimme a break!".
Soulcalibur Wiki posted those two extra lines on the Quotes section of Siegfried's article, so.
Also, example here:
From the version I owned:
(Also, the sound is low, beware!!!)
Starts at 7:06

But then I here:
Start at 3:09
Start at 5:58

So, what'sup with this? What version did I have?, and what version did the other two have?


[08] Mercenary
on my game, i have the same lines as the 1st video you posted, i would say that the other version might be the pal and he would say those lines on that version.


The Unknown Soul
The other version is a late-release-NTCS and an early-release-PAL version. in the early NTCS, this was a coding mistake made by the devs.