Will Dampierre be in SCV??


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Well, thou was listed as a character of thy storyline (Main Character). Why wouldn't thou be there? Why would thou?.. Put thine thoughts here.

Personally, thee wants Dampierre in..


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Well its looking like a no right now, isn't it? He must be in his late forties or early fifties. That's not fair... I never got to play him...


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Dampierre was very funny in SCBD. He maybe a PSP exclusive but i hope he is in SC5

This is a downside of the 17 years. Hilde brand new for sc4 Dampierre brand new for BD and now they are out probably.


In the case of both Hilde and Dampierre I say good riddance to bad rubbish, imo.

As for the general idea of whether he will be in SC5? No idea. If project Soul wishes the distance themselves from the previous team; I say yes.
SC:BD was pretty much a trainwreck in my eyes; and I would love to see no part of it make it's way into SC5.


(also, yes, this probably does belong in the Dampierre subforum, so I'll move it)


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Well Dampierre's age is not stated.. but yes thou could be in his late 30s or 40s.. Thee likes thou personally, but Hilde.. Namu... Hilde is a pest.

P.S. Thou hast never owned SCBD before, so yes... Lol..


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aww come on now do be so rash, I think he was a cool character. He was a player and a badass. Just because u got a good mustach dnt mean ur old he had to been in his late 30's plus didnt he have a young daugter or did he? we will never know cuz he's a con artist. I say keep him!!!

Inori DWF

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This man's fighting style replicates a real life troll...It could be cool if he was a special char or something.