WR A into GS? (NM)


[08] Mercenary
Ok, so everyone knows about WR AA, right? Well I was playing online and this guy did WR A but instead of doing the other A he went into GS, i tried to do it but it wont work for me, anyone know how to do it?
To this day I do not know the exact input but it's something like WR AA6. You kinda slide A into 6 as far as timing goes.
It's more of WR a6 A than anything, but yea, the timing is stupid on it. Though it can be used to fire off GS A, B, KK, A+B, or empty GS.
Ok, I tried it and the easiest way to do it is just do WR AA like normal but hold 6 after the first A lands, really easy to pull off

I main NM and I heavily rely on NSS and GS, and seeing as you can do GS into WR then AA6 and then whatever, you can use this to string together some pretty awesome stuff, definitely an effective way to mess with your opponents mind.
Until they 2A you after the first A...

Honestly, you have more options available using WR B than WR AA, but to each his own I guess.
I just want to point out that WR Aa6 is a good move for ring positioning. The push back is solid, and they can't step in to reclaim the space.
Whenever NM switches from the first A to GS hes completely open for half a second. Theres no TC or anything, just completely open. I can just punch him in the face on reaction when people do it. But with tip range and a nice GS {B} mixup you could use it to punish a interrupt poke.
Just keep in mind that the second A of WS AA is uninterruptible. So with the right conditioning of the opponent you could use it every once in a while. But overall, yes there are typically better moves to use.
Just use WR AA once or twice, then next time they will keep their guard up, then you can surprise them, It works really well online if you know how to apply it, I can usually get a hit with the second kick on WR A6A > GS > KK
WRAA6 GS B WR AA6 GS Throw and WRAA are legit mixups. Watch Keev's videos. Very unsafe but it really works.