Writhing fumble...


[08] Mercenary
I was messing around the other day when I actually used CR B+K in a battle. At the same time, the Mitsu I was fighting used B, B to counter my CR. What actually happened was strange, I sidestepped his move, he whiffed, and I responded with BCR B, landing a full combo and huge damage...

So is this move actually useful? It seems to me that it's a tech crouch and a tech step at the same time, and it's also easy to goad the opponent into whiffing by using CR close range, then stepping their vertical. It's obviously risky, but it seems to have large reward. What are your thoughts on this?
Yeah, its much more useful than people seem to think. It has a lot of neat little gimmicks and gives you a lot of wakeup options.

Its slow, but sidesteps to voldo's right and tech crouches at the same time. You can use it to nullify pyrrha's 3B/grab oki to an extent, though the timing is difficult. You can also use it to dodge the second hit of Mitsu's 2KBE on block, which is one of his highest damaging options to punish it.

You can also use it for a getaway tactic with iCR B+K CR grabs. Looks funny, but works pretty well.