Xianghua help?


[08] Mercenary
Topics of help:
- How to finish off people when they are low life
Playing my first matches online, I faced Voldo, Mitsurugi, Setsuka and Nightmare. To which Voldo most often stayed long range in blind stance, trying to grab me and roll over me. Mitsurugi spammed one of the stances (the one that lets him stab multiple times) and Nightmare spammed the move where he releases a burst of dark energy or something. Setsuka would jump back, do a rushing move and then stab me in the foot. Then usually doing some kind of massive damage combo, spreading out her umbrella (smashing me into the floor), or spinning her little sword to try and Auto-GI me.

I was able to get them all down to extremely low life (10%) while me being at a significant advantage (40-50%), but I found myself losing all three matches because I couldn't finish them off.

Usually dying because of being drop kicked off the edge, can you suggest to me some moves that Xianghua could use to finish her opponents off safely and quickly?

Also, (unrelated to Xianghua,) but how could I stop my opponents from shifting me over to the edge and then ringing out me? When I try to go the other way I get hit by an attack and when I block I get shifted over the edge even if I do notice.

Also, for extra info: At low life, they would just back off really far off. I didn't want to be boring so I rushed in and tried to attack them with something like 66AB, which would usually result on me dying. Sometimes, when the situation was reversed (me low health and them high health), they would also just back off, waiting for time to expire.

Extra question: How do I fight people who back off and try to let the time expire?

Extra question 2: How do I approach people to finish them off?

- An easier way to do 85B
In other words, the moving spinny whirlwind sword move.

In SoulCaliber2 it was much easier to do as all you had to do was press 88B. In SoulCaliber4 I find myself doing the move where she kicks one leg up and flicks her sword up more often than not.

The problem I'm having with this move is letting it go back to neutral. I can't get the timing right because when it starts to go to neutral, I either hit it too fast, or hit it too slow so that it just does normal B.

Is there any way of performing this easily other than massive practice?

- Countering spammers and people who pressure you really hard with Xianghua
Is there any move that Xianghua can use to escape pressure or just counter those darn spammers?
When facing Mitsurugi, I got absolutely wrecked because he'd often just combo me into the ground.

Nightmare tried to keep running into me, but when we both got down to low life, he'd start spamming giant moving verticals and just giant low stabs that I found impossible to get by.

Voldo was easier but I just had no moves to finish him off (usually using AB and SXSB near the end, perhaps I should have grabbed him as he blocked?)

I played Setsuka as well, but I can't remember anything but the fact that she'd jump back, then do a rushing slashing move, then continuing to stab me in the feet. Sometimes I got her but it wasn't a lot.

- Other moves to rely on other than 44B and SXSB
44B is a move I love to use. It's fast, it dodges back, and it feels great when you stab them in the gut. I often found myself using this against Mitsurugi's, and often coming out on top.

However, I notice it makes me a little too predictable. It sometimes whiffed (which is a lot) but it saved me from a lot of dangerous situations and allowed me to pile up the damage. However if they moved in and attacked, i'd have been dead for sure.

What are some reliable moves I can use? I feel that AA and BB and also just K is pretty reliable, but there's really minimal damage and it's only a matter of time until they get out for me. Also, when I use AA and BB and K, I find myself at a loss of what to do and follow up after it, even if they are good moves.

SXSB. I like SXSB because it's Waterfall, one of her most amazing moves in SC2 (atleast to me). Before, you could 66K, and then press B as she spun around to follow up with a Waterfall dealing massive damage.

You could also do Waterfall, cancel it into Ber Her Hua (i think it was called) and then follow up with a B or an A.
It was great. ( to me ). The slowness and the predictable was, to me, easily remedied with the smart use of feints, mind games and DAMAGE.

But I was shocked to find out that... it could only be used after using a stance? Not even really a stance, just a kind of feint that only led to three moves. Of course, later I found out about the charges, which made me happier, (however I still prefer the more cancel feint Xianghua as opposed to this stance Xianghua which I still like)

Enough of that story (i apologize) but I do find myself using SXSB for a lot of damage. A and K just seem so.. useless to me.

What exactly does SXSA and SXSK do? What are their uses? What can I follow it up with?