Xianghua's Auto GI's?


[08] Mercenary
I know what moves auto gaurd. I want to know what they auto gaurd (high horizontals, verticals, etc.). I saw the french auto gaurd page but I didn't understand it that much. If your a Xianghua player or just know please post it. Thanks. (This is my first time making a thread so I hope I didn't mess up).


[12] Conqueror
4 A+B: Weapon attacks - Stab + Horizontal, high + mid
4 A+K: All high weapon attacks
WR B: All horzontal weapon attacks, high + mid

22_88 B+K, 33_99K A B+K: all high or mid weapon attacks
44 B+K: Vertical weapon attacks
11_77 B 2A: mid weapon attacks
SXS K+G (level 2-4) : some mid / high attacks (I need to test this)
44 B4 _ AAB4 _ 66 B4 _ 66 BB4: Vertical weapon attacks, high + mid

Editing as I go along...