Xiba Tech Trap Discussion


[09] Warrior
Here's what I found while messing around in practice mode. Note - I remember having the computer set to ukemi guard recovery when I was practicing combos, but I did not test for individual rolls and what can be used to escape what else.

44AA is a ridiculous tech trap starter if the 2nd hit connects (and its a NCC :) )

44AA->FC A+B can tech catch and have the 2nd hit re stun them. after which you can 2A+B for lots of damage
44AA->22_88B can tech catch and lead to the BT B+K combo for lots of damage.
44AA->33_99AA brave edge leads to huge damage and is guaranteed to hit if they don't ukemi .

This tech trap high damage mixup alone is enough to make Xiba a monster


[12] Conqueror
the FC A+B as a tech trap is wierd. off of 44AA you are getting the first hit guaranteed and then they are teching to their right and the 2nd hit is catching them. if they tech any other direction it wiffs(excluding front, because honestly who techs forward)

22B only seems to catch backwards.

was the 33AABE supposed to catch or was that your option to beat no tech?

after 3A+B, 3B will catch tech in all directions, lol at that damage.


[13] Hero
CH 6BK ~> 1A_22K
CH 6B ~> 3A+B_1A+B
CH 6AK ~> 3A+B_1A+B
44K ~> 44A
FC 2A+B ~> A+B (catches left and back)


Steamed Buns!!
CH 44AA, 44K: Catches all but left (Including grounded or rolling)
Damage is 75+ if they dont tech and 85+ if they do.

Timing has to be a little fast at times but nothing special.


[09] Warrior
the best tech traps i've found so far

CH 6B:
front and back, A+B,B,K. BE if you want

all directions: 1_3 A+B; 3B,K,K. 2A+B


fornt and back: A+B...; 3B,K,K (timing)

all directions: 1_3 A+B (timing)


[08] Mercenary
I find this effective, everyone knows xibas 44aa, they always block down on the 2nd low a hit, so what I do is 44a, now they are anticipating the 2nd low a, and therefore blocking low, so as soon as I input 44a, I immediately hold 3, then as soon as my animation frees up (they are now anticipating the 2nd low a, therefore blocking low) I immediately input k~b it works wonders and throws them off their game=)


[14] Master
I find this effective, everyone knows xibas 44aa, they always block down on the 2nd low a hit, so what I do is 44a, now they are anticipating the 2nd low a, and therefore blocking low, so as soon as I input 44a, I immediately hold 3, then as soon as my animation frees up (they are now anticipating the 2nd low a, therefore blocking low) I immediately input k~b it works wonders and throws them off their game=)
People shouldn't block the 2nd hit of 44AA since it's safe. They ought to do a safe TJ attack after blocking the first, which will hit Xiba if he attempts the 2nd hit and also prevents him from doing mixups like you described.

Always have a contingency plan. You'll never know when you'll play an opponent who knows counters to these matchup nuances.


[08] Mercenary
Yes reading this, it's very easy to say to tj attack since its on paper and your thinking about it right now, not during a random guy using xiba that busts out 44aa, i gaurantee you as soon as you would reconize the the first A of 44aa you would immediately anticipate the second incoming A and and block low..but xiba shoulder bash should beat that tj attack...but people don't tj attack, you mite say you do, i do, but people dont, or atleast very much...I'm saying this from a OFFENSIVE mindset, not from a defensive one, like yours... From the mind set your thinking of, defensive, on paper, then I'll just jg every attack, Side step, back step, tech jump, auto gi, duck, ring out, etc. every move... You get what I'm saying?.. Its very easy to say "do this" on paper, black and white, but during a match, its different..People will block low. Besides.. Just use the 44aa as a mixup, they ss, smack them with that second A, that second A, Does keep them in check. I've been playing sc5 since it came out.. I have over 500 xbl hours and over 4200 wins now..I'm not a pro but not 1 single person has ever tech jumped my 44aa, the second A of 44aa never hits a good player, just a noob, everyone knows "to block low" therfore they do, hence this technique...Now after reading this, anti xiba players or people that know me will consider this 44aa option, That Is why I do not do xiba vs xiba matchups, the last thing us xiba players need is a lobby full of people watching how a xiba player beats a xiba player lol...and him possibly getting nerf'ed for some reason, and perhaps now players will take advantage of me exposing this, so this is now why I regret sharing info.. I was trying to use it to better the dead xiba community...but instead fuel anti xiba lol.. Anywho.. I learn from my mistakes and shall keep all other knowledge to myself lol


[14] Master
Nope. It's very possible to jump the second hit of 44AA, step the second hit of 66BB, duck the 2nd hit of AA, etc. during an actual match. It's just a matter of relearning the muscle memory to jump attack instead of blocking low.


[08] Mercenary
Ok, you tj, that's awesome.. But guess what, i don't play you..i play people that wont be reading this and have the luxury to debate and speculate this topic. In game, they have a fraction of a second to react to xibas 44aa, i bet you they will block low, and Yes like I said, easy on paper... So the way your thinking... Guess what I can jg every single move in the game... It's on paper.. So I just have to write what I can think right? Look your missing the point.......your thinking ANTI xiba.. I'm thinking PRO xiba.. Get my drift??? Your trying to play paper sc5 lol slade... It's like name a move against me... Uh no no no... Guess what this is what I'll just do, a perfect reaction to your stated move, you get what I'm saying??? I'm not saying what you've said isn't possible.. It is possible.. I'm giving xiba players attacking options... Not anti xiba players options lol


[14] Master
Just because you don't play people who know how to counter a specific tactic doesn't mean these people don't exist. Knowing how to adapt to their counter is just another part of staying a step ahead of your opponent.

Let's take a hypothetical scenario. Patroklos vs. Nightmare. The Nightmare player has grown accustomed to fighting players who do not know how to punish 3(B), allowing him to use his NSS options as a safety net. The Patroklos player, realizing this, begins to use 236AB after blocking 3(B), which beats every option in NSS after a blocked 3(B). The
Nightmare player has two options:

1. Stop using 3(B). This limits him heavily as he can no longer use it in ambiguous situations in the hope for a counter hit and is limited to only using it to punish whiffed attacks where it is guaranteed to hit.

2. Realize that 3B is only -17 on block while Patroklos's 236AB is i18. Whether he stores this knowledge for later to bait out a 236AB at the end of a round so he can JG the second hit and punish heavily or starts using it immediately to force the Patroklos player to adapt and find a counter to 3B without the NSS entrance (the proper counter in that situation is 236B or CE, by the way), it's up to him. Conditioning the opponent to make them predictable (and thus easily beatable) is important, and knowing your options plays a big part of this. When discussing the applications of a specific move, it's best to be comprehensive and discuss both its strengths (and how to utilize them to the fullest) and its weaknesses (and how to minimize them).


[08] Mercenary
But it's hypothetical.. So I come at you with xibas 44aa, what do you do?.. Whatever you say, then I could just say.. I'll do this then.. Point is its a viable alternative for xiba... We could back and forth allday... But I understand you... I play on xbl, like I said before, I never had a single person do anything but Anticipate the 2nd A then block low on the second A on xibas 44AA. But like I said before, exposing this makes it real easy to say and think o I will never fall for that. So if that's the case, I could go on any character forum and say that dosent work.. Ill just do this.. Then if they do that, I'll just do this... Get what I'm saying? Anywho lol


[09] Warrior
Someone got really defensive...

Sure, it's an ok tactic. It's usually good to test your opponents and see what they do against certain strings, but just know that some people will not fall for it. This is not a tech trap, btw.


[13] Hero
6BK, FCA+B catches all but left side ukemi.
First hit will always connect the second one is escapeable. Opponent can also hold G and block last hit but it's safe.

6BK, WrB catches all but left side ukemi. It is a combo if done too fast.

WrB, run up throw catches all ukemi.


[09] Warrior

22B ~ G ~ Rem B is a Full techtrap if you time it right.

if you re to fast it will hit grounded and stun, if you re late its techable to the left.

22B ~ G ~ 44B+K hits grounded and roll, so you can only escape by teching after 22B. strict timing though.
IDK if its possible to react to the UB, could be, but its very difficult.

- tested on Ivy, Viola, Xiba .