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Hey everyone, just thought I'd pose this question to you all as it is something I've been stumped with for awhile, how exactly to open the game with Yoshimitsu, considering safety and damage potential. So, I thought this a great time for a thread of what everyone opens with, I'll start with my poor opening of shark attack into 2A, followed by either 4BK or the suicide move in the direction of the player scoring massive damage, but I'm often blocked because I'm terrible.

If this thread already exists or one takes its place for this conversation, I apologise now.
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Vary it up. Run up block. Back step block. Block. Run up side step block.

No really, blocking is good at the start of a round because some people like to act super retarded. As far as offense, step forward FC 3K is good occasionally. Run up single A/2A. 4K and try to confirm the B if at all possible. 66A BE if you're feeling frisky for hard read for a ring out win on some stages. I dunno, the possibilities are endless.


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66A Be Is Stepable. Imo Youre best option is either 33B or 66K.
The second hit is for sure. I'm sure you could jank out the first hit but it's very very very uncommon. The hitch here is that you have to get a CH step kill for it to give you a combo for you to ringout at the beginning of some stages. I reserve this option for super hero reads. Thus, I pretty much never use it but I see other Yoshis get mileage on it.

33B is just too slow to start a round with if you're going for proper offense read and is linear as all fuck even with follow-ups. 66K has a fat enough hit box that it might be OK to throw out once in awhile at the beginning. I still don't like that at all really, but I do use it outside of the first moment of a round (maybe too much even). If you wanna get close and start your offense I do think just running up and blocking is your best bet.


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your opening depends on the matchup and the type of opponent you are facing. if im fighting asta, im not trying to play the range game, so ill tend to have more aggressive type openings. If im playing against like leixia (or someone i can keepout/have them stuggle to get in) then ill have a more defensive opening. but at the same time, if i play a leixia who has better spacing than me, ill be more aggressive. Or against an astaroth who kills himself trying to get close range to me, ill be more defensive.

idk if this helps


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Like BoomSouljah said, it depends on the matchup. Kinda like to feel them out at first.

After awhile you'll notice a lot of people backstep in the beginning of each round.
I like to do a quick run up & Imcf. Get my pressure started early and make my opponent weary (or fearful) of me being in there face. Imcf has good frames sometimes I'll step after the first one if they block it, or do another one & get that CH.


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On a serious note, I like to start the first round of the set with FC 3K sometimes. If I'm not using it I'll run up with quick or safe poke like 3K or I'll just block. One thing about FC 3K is that you can fake it with 2(G) then go for a mid like 4K, B. Landing one or two FC 3K's opens them for this really well.


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Sounds useful, I'll definitely test that out, thanks everyone, all the variation and things to consider has made this my most analysed part of my game right now. :)


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KappaLets see: I must be the only moron who starts off with Reverse Shark Attack combo(33B+K Hold A+B). I follow this up with BT B since it covers a lot of ground if they run at me thus giving me the option to start my offense from here. Point is.. Shark attack combo isn't a TERRIBLE starter, just probably not a good one to use repeatedly. The overall probably is you don't have any real advantages except for maybe hit confirming the first part of this move the 33B+K part. Its -4 or something like that so you have some options here. Try it out maybe once or twice and never again, but who knows I never even take my own advice with that start up lol. I'll start off using that move and randomly get spiked to the ground you can get up so quickly that you can YOLO grab them or 6k for free afterwards, this games weird like that.

Lately, I've been having luck starting off using single A into MCF. I don't know.. but I swear this doesn't feel like -8 on block..

I'll also Flea into 2A+B(Super tech crouches) then use A or B.
4KB is a decent starter and the second hit has a tendency of hitting people who are stepping. Keep an eye out if you get them with the second hit. You get a free Door Knocker+2k after it. Its hit confirmable and you can usually react to this.

Aside from all of that, how you start round will always vary on your opponent. People have habits, old habits die hard.. Based on these you should eventually figure out what works best against them, so say after seeing what you see, you realize that the starting move is 11B and its starting your offense against that guy right, then keep at it!