Yoshimitsu vs Prryha matchup


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Im having a bit of trouble with this matchup. Basically, the match goes like this:

I start off doing good with my 214A and DGF mixups but once those get learned I get punished all day by 236B. At this point Im afraid to throw out anything but BB and AA because im scared of being punished by 236B. Once I start playing defensive I get locked down by Pyyrha's 66B BE with a mixup afterwards.

So I want to know some good moves to use that cant be punished by 236B, and ways to bait it out because I think I can punish 236B with 6K if what I did in training mode is true. As for 66B BE, I have no idea. They get advantage after just the 66B, the BE version is a guard break, Its not slow and I cant step it. Seriously? Why cant Yoshi have any good BE moves like this to add to his pressure? Maybe Im just horrible at stepping or something, because I even tried 4B+K to step it and still got caught.


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Poke with 6B or 3A. Try to avoid 3B and 3AB unless you know it's guaranteed.

Don't throw out 214A unless you're expecting a BB or similar linear attack. It's really unsafe and the tech step doesn't always go around stabs.

Try to step a lot, but don't try to step her 6B BE. I haven't figured out what to do against that especially if they spam it out a few times. Grabs work in some situations.

iMCF, but beware her 4B. I'm pretty sure (I'd have to double check) that her 4B into a stab will beat iMCF when you block 4B.

If they're really stab happy, try tricking them by using 66B mixed with 33_99B into B+K.


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Ok, so Im not really good enough for a normal iMCF yet, would 6B BE work? And are 66B and 33_99B safe against 236B? Also, against Prryhas that step a lot, what are some good step killing moves?


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I don't like 214A in general in this game so I would shelve that against her for sure. If they're stab happy just step 6K punish. Like Supa was noting 6B doesn't hit for much but it's quick as hell and can interrupt a lot of her options. DGF is always going to be a risk.


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Can you still punish 236B with 6K? It's -16, but I don't know if her tech crouch frames were altered on it. I haven't played many Prryha's yet.

It executes in 14 frames, so anything that -13 or better on block is safe against it. That means you should not poke with 3A unless you're fishing for a CH on the following B. 3A is now -14 on block.

3K, 6B, 1K, AA, BB, 3B+K, 33_66B, 4KB are all safe against 236B off the top of my head.

Step her verticals to bait out horizontals, then use A+K to GI or even the normal GI if you have meter.


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What kind of moves does A+K GI? I still havnt found a way around 6B BE. I guess you just have to take the mixup. I did find that if you A+K in anticipation of the 6B, Pyrrha gets stunned, but they have to use the 6B at pretty close range for that to work and I dont know how practical that is.

And I guess I should just use AA catch stepping? All those other options seem steppable. Also, what should I do to follow up an A+K GI? Go into mixups or can I combo from it?


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iMCF is really the best tool for counterhits. 6B BE should work OK as a shim if you can't iMCF, but I thought it was actually worse than iMCF (I dunno, though?).

33_99B looks like 66B, but it's not - they both have different properties. 66B will give you a stun while 33_99B will pop them up. You can cancel 33_99B into the old firmiana thingie (ie: 33B 66B+K A+B K) before or during the 33_99B hits. Not only does the "random" mix into firmiana add for confusion, but 33_99B looks an awful lot like 66B to really keep them guessing. Be careful as you can get really hurt doing this wrong, though - you can accidentally give them a free, unescapable BT throw if you're sloppy on the inputs.... and you can also ring yourself out pretty easily. :\

Characters like Pie/Poe are looking to punish, so putting them off their defense->punish game is good.

214A kills steps, but it's unsafe. AA will keep them from stepping too much. 22_88 K will catch steppers and give you a free CE if you're fast. 8A (SDGF) will hit steppers and allow you to choose between a great unblockable (B) or catching them stepping a second time with the spin down (A). Don't 8A too much as they'll catch on pretty quick to the animation of it. DGF A will make them unhappy and so will MED A, but those are kind of risky in most situations.

You can usually get a 6K out of a missed stab, too, but be careful not to be sloppy and 6KK too much.

Also, not sure if you know this, but when you're on the ground try to always roll towards the side of Pie/Poe that has the sword. They have less options for right tech (sword side).


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Wow, nice info! I think you can actually block and punish 236B with 6K. I went into training mode and had Prryha 236B and held block right after the input, and I tagged her every time.
If you learn to JG the second hit of her BE (which is possible), it's a free 3B launch.

Try this in training mode-
Record pattern one as 66B BE
Record pattern two as 66B
Record pattern three as 236A BE

Set dummy to do random record functions.

These all require different reactions (BE's are both JGable, 66B has no followup but 66B BE Flash signifies the second attack is coming out early) so it's good practice to learn the animations


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Oh wow, I didnt even know you could do that. Awesome training mode =O. I havnt messed with JGing yet, but if its anything like parrying in 3S I can probably do it.

Edit: Ok, so I found out you can block the first hit of 66B BE and 4B+K afterwards to totally avoid the second hit and you will end up exactly behind them. Seems like you can punish with a back grab or 3B right away too. losing that amount of health is worth it imo, because they lose more health and meter. Still working on JGing it, its a little tighter than parrying in 3S lol.

Edit2: Scratch the 4B+K, its easy, but once you get the hang of JGing 66B BE, its easy too. The trick is to do it a little bit before the second hit hits, like when Pyyrha's sword is pointing the ground.