Z.W.E.I Move list break down


[10] Knight
One of the hardest things about playing Z.W.E.I is adapting to his odd Move List.

The first thing to keep in mind when playing Z.W.E.I is that the Moves you will use will change based on the character you are facing. Certain moves become punishable while others become bait depending on the Match up. One thing you have to understand when playing Z.W.E.I.; you cannot play like a robot, you need to be able to think objectivly and be able to read your opponent to get the Damage you need.

These are the moves you will generally use in just about every MU,

3K - hits if you are close only
4A - no Ein
4B - Unsafe but needed
A+B - Unsafe in certain MU's but needed

Everyone one of these moves is very good in every MU. There are things to be aware of in certain MU's but I will address those when we get to them. For now Make it a habbit to use these moves alone and try to win with these moves only. When you can do that, you are ready for the more advanced stuff.

Instead of describing the MU's them selves, I'm going to break down the moves instead and explain why you should or shouldn't use the move and how it should be applied. I will also mention certain MU's and later on have a list of Moves to use in the MU's themselves.

But for now, lets start with the basics.

Starting with the list above. Let's Break these moves down...

i14, HH
A - JG =-15 Grd =-8 Hit=+2

AA - JG = -13 Grd = -5 Hit = +6

A is a fairly good tool to use, if you do not use it to often. If you become predictable with this move then your opponent has options to punnish you. If someone JG's your single A then they have 15 Frames to punnish you. AA has better frames but if the first hit is JG'd then the second hit can be ducked and punished for huge damage. If they are not JG'ing this move then abuse the anti step properties of this move. TC will of course beat this move,

Postive thing to note on AA is the +6 on hit. This allows you to set up much slower moves as follow up or allows you to read the opponents reaction. If they like to Backstep for example; as long as your in range: A+B or 66BA are a great follow up.

This move is more player specific than character based. Pyra, Omega, Astaroth, Cerventes and Apat are the harder ones to deal with. If A cerventes can JG then FC-iGDR then you have a real issue there.

i15, MM
B - JG = -15 Grd = -8 Hit = -2
BB - JG = -13 Grd = -6 Hit = +4

Similar to it's Cousin A/AA, If you notice there arnt to many differences frame wise with these moves. You will use this move a lot more than A/AA because of its decent damage and frame advantage on hit. B is a solid Pokeing tool. -2 is a very good position for Z.W.E.I since it makes his A-GI easier to use if they decide to push some buttons (more on thjs later). The only advice I can give is to dont be to predictable with this attack but Spam it when you can. BB on hit gives you +4, meaning that the next BB will be i11 if you adjust for your opponents negative. Most characters are going to have to act defensivly since stepping becomes very difficult at -4. Think Objectivly when you land this attack. Whatch what the oppoennt will do after it lands and create a game plan from there.

BB on JG is punnishable by: Cerventes CE/aB, APat Twister/CE , Natsu AA, Lexia, AA, and anyones K. Cerventes and ApAt are the two you need to worry about here.


i13, H
JG = -15 Grd-7 Hit = +2

So your asking yourself; "why is K on this list?"
Simple, it is his fastest and furthest reaching punnisher he has. Take the damage you can get when you can. Z.W.E.I is about dealing huge damage in one big string, so playing cautious and punishing every little thing you can is very effective with him.

Moves to punish with this move: Cerventes 3B (will add more later)

i15, L 16 damage
JG = -15 Grd = -14 Hit = -2

This is his best low. You should use this move a lot. Poke with it, hit them on the ground with it. Just plain Annoy the hell out of someone with this move. Now there are somethings you have to understand about this move. On Block certaing Charecters get a lot of damage. This move can also whiff on steppers if you dont realign before you use it or if they step as you do the attack. Oddly Cerventes is not as huge of a threat on this move as many others.

Be award of who can punnish you: Pyra, Omega, Apat, Astaroth, Maxi CE, Pat 236 BE, everyone else gets something but its usually 2A or a WR something which will be Normale Hit.

JG =-15 Block =-7 Hit = +3

This move has very short range. If you can work it into your game then it will serve you well. Its very hard to punnish on JG as well. Overall a good move. If someone JG's it and they know to punnish right away then thats the only time you will have a problem.

i18, H Tech Crouch
JG = -24 Grd = -16 Hit = +1

This move looks horrible on paper but in all honesty its a very good attack to use. The TC takes some time to get used to but when you can call a High and hit someone with this, it can shift the momentum in your favor very quickly. its good for catching step and ducking Highs. There is a variation With Zwei that requires 15 frames to complete summoning animation, Ill go into more detail on this in the Ein Section. On JG and whiff, be prepaired to eat some damage.

Characters to avoid using this on: Pyrra, Omega, Maxi, Cerventes if hes close or has a CE stocked.

i23, M/ MH
3A JG = -23 Grd = -17 Hit = +2
3AA JG = -17 Grd = -4 Hit = +6 Turns opponent to Back Turned, CH on 2nd hit = Colapse Stun

This movie has a few uses. It's a decent step catcher, It's a Great Whiff Punnisher with its BE cousin, Good for using in Frametraps if you suspect movement or buttons being pressed, Good for Stun Combos, Can be used as a Tech Punnish with certain moves.
On paper this move looks terrible but because it has 2 Parts, you can sometimes trick your opponent into not punnishing it or running head long into the second hit. Make sure to mixup between the two, If they call it right you can either get Stabbed/iGDR'd or Ducked and Punnished that way.

Characters that can punnish this move easily are: Cerventes, Pyrra, Omega, Apat, Maxi, Xiba.

i24, M Uses Ein, Tech Crouch at the end of summoning animation.
JG = -18 Grd = -9 Hit = STN

This is one of your better whiff punnishers. If you are able to step Backwards and step out of an attack, This move is a great follow up for an attempt at a whiff punnish. Fairly safe unless someone JG's it. Ill let you use you imagination on a -18. When you use this move Ein takes about 2 seconds to recharge. There are more uses for this move but I will cover that later. If you hit an opponent who is in the air, they will be launched upwards and a 4A+B/CE can be used to hit them for more damage.

i17, M
JG = -19 Grd =-14 hit = STN

So I hope you can see the draw back to this move right off the bat. It's -14 on guard which can be a real issue vs the Greeks.The Good news is that you can play mind games with this move much like you do with 3A/3AA. 4B/4B BE can help to make this move a little safer and possible getting a stun etc. One more thing to note, this move is also the same speed as a throw; i17. Try using a few throws and when you think they will duck, use 4B when you would have used a throw and you will hit if they duck. Another interesting thing is that when Z.W.E.I is on 2p side, with his back to the camera, this move becomes very difficult to see.

Be aware of the greeks beina able to punnish this. Cerventes can CE as well but the BE will catch him if he is in range. Pyras 236 K is a real nuisance to this move as well.

i28, MM, Uses Ein, Ein is delayable if you hold A+B for up to 3-4 seconds I think. Ein Realigns if held for almost max hold.
JG = -4 Grd = +5 Hit =LNC

This is debatably Z.W.E.I's best move. This move has so much awesomeness attached to it that I will have to expand on it in full later on. For now understand the basic mechanics of this move: The first hit is terribly Punnishable on block and on whiff. The First Hit on Block Will cause your opponents Burst Metser to blink red in 6 hits. On Hit Ein Will Launch the opponent while you have enough to time to wind up a fully charged 4)A+B) or for a ton of damage or 214B/1(B)/ 8A+B for something different.

Drawback for now: Ein Can Be GI'd fairly easily. There are ways around this though which I will cover later.

2A i14 , Specia Low
2B i16, M, FC towards end of move.
2A JG = -9 Grd = -6 Hit= +8
2B JG = -17 Grd = -12 Hit -2

Failry self explanatory of why these are here. 2A is one of his better moves with fantastic frames white its couisin 2B has not great frames but can hit a crouching opponent. Also note the -2 on hit for 2B. 2A's +8 is standard among the characters. Overall both very good moves. 2B is unsafe bs APat's Twister attack.

FC A i12, Special Low, TC/FC
FC B i16, Mid , FC
FC A - JG = -11 Grd = -6 Hit = +8
FC B - JG = -15 Grd = -6 Hit = +2

Now this is where things get kind of weird frame wise with Z.W.E.I. While FC A is faster by 2 frames than 2A, notice that the JG on 2A is actually completely safe at -9 while FC A is unsafe to Cervys CE. Also notice on FC B that Z.W.E.I now gets +2 on hit and and is now -6 on Grd which completly safe unlike its counterpart vs APat's Tister. 2A and FC lose to Pyras 236K. Make sure to take advantage of that +2 on hit from 2B to confuse your opponents with 2B.

i19, M , The Very last frame has a TC for some reason, Counts as a shoulder bash.
JG = -24 Grd = -16 Hit =KND

This move can either win you a match, or lose you a match depending on how you use it. First thing to notice is that its i19. This move has a nice step and can close distance quickly. The idea of this move is to catch Someone stepping to the right or to the back, Whiff Punnish a 2A after back stepping much like B+K, Combos, If you get the right angle you can start a wall combo, And to intercept attacks while you have a good amount frame advatge.

The seond thing to notice is that on Grd you are at -16. Vs Cerventes CE, Prra and Omega You need to becareful with your A+B placement.

Vs Xiba, Astaroth, Z.W.E.I Spam this move all day, they cant punnish it on block.

One more thing to note, This move has a good deal of push back and if you hit with the tip of the pommel then your opponent will be pushed completly out of range to punnich except for Omega, and Cerventes. Note: Cerventes CE can potentially whiff due to odd TC property.

i7, N/A, Auto Guard Impact
Damage Dealt on Succesfull GI = 20x2, damage can vary if the oppoent is in the air or if Oppoenent is in Yellow life.

Active window is i7 - i17 (All) / Uses Ein

Ever wonder; "How the hell do I use this move?"

Ok this move gets a little complicated to use, Don't worry thoug, I got your back and Im going to explain this step by step.

Earler I mentioned that -2 was a great thng for Z.W.E.I., Here is an example of why:

You and your opponent are down to a few pixels of life and your playing footisies for the win. You use 2B and it hits, but your opponent knows you like to step after 2B and also knows your at -2. Tey decide to push 2A on reaction, you use 6A+B and land a counter for the win or for the better position.

You use 2B and it hits = -2 frame disadvantage
Opponents FC A now = i10
6A+B Activates on 7-17

since its i10 you will get the AGI. Try doing some math with other moves he has and you will see all sorts of uses for this move.

i15, MM, NCC
JG = -9 Grd = +2 Hit = +12

On paper this move looks great. But this move has one major flaw in it. If the First hit is JG'd, a Step will force Ein to whiff opening you up for a Launcher Punnish. Other than that, this move is fantasitc. Its great in Combos and Frame Traps. +12 On against the wall is very very nice.

22K > (B)
3ABE > (B)

Ok, thats it for now. This is the basic stuff that you need to know to be able to use Z.W.E.I. If I missed anything feel free to put a message below and Ill add it in if its valid. I will put up another section next week describing more of his move Mechanics and some more stuff about E.I.N.
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[10] Knight

Now we should discuss the moves that are a little more difficult to use.

This week we are going to cover these moves:
7A/8A /9A
7K /8K /9 K

7B/ 8B/ 9B


i21, M, TJ
JG = -10 Grd = -5 On hit = +8

i21, M, TJ
JG = -12 Guard = -4 On hit = +3

i21, M, TJ
JG = -13 Grd = -4 On hit = +3

This is your standard Hop attack if you want to tag someone who is trying to tag you with a 2K or 2A for example. All of Z.W.E.I's Jump attacks have slightly different frames and its good to note them.

If you notice that 7B is very safe accept vs Cervy and APat, otherwise, if you are having trouble with someone JGing your 9B/8B and doing i13/i12 to punnish you, You have the option of using 7B and mess with them a little. Other then that 7B gives the best frames on hit but +3 is nothing to scoff at.

Safe unless JG'd and punnished.

7A/ 8A/ 9A
i22, H, TJ
JG = -10 Grd = -5 On hit = +8

Unlike the JP B series, this move is consistant. This move is a great anti step move if you can think to use it in the heat of battle. A +8 is amazing. This moves range is kind of short so this can whiff unexpectically at times.

Safe. Be aware of Pyrras 236K or TC's

7K/8K/9 K
i19, H, TJ
JG = -16 Grd = -7 On hit= +8
7K = 22 damage
8K = 24 Damage
9K = 26 Damage

Jp K and Jp A are almost identical. JP K is a little faster but JP A is safer on JG. JP K will catch step and knock the opponent on their but for a nice +8 or if you hit them into the wall then you can do a wall combo. I will talk about Wall Combos in a later section.

Safe, Be aware of Pyrras 236k or TC's

i19, M
JG = -15 Grd = -9 on Hit = +2

Another odd move. For the longest time Z.W.E.I players had no clue what this move was for. It almost seems dumb on first glance. It has some very good uses however.
The Hit Box of the Kick has a very strange HitBox on it. Getting a CH is not uncommon if you use this at what seems like out of range for this attack. The other use for this move is to stun the opponent on hit so that Ein can hit.

Example. 66(A+B) is Blocked, opponent steps while Ein is held, 66K is Used while releasing Ein, Ein Combos into 66K. Experiment with this to get the timing and distance down for this.


i14, H, CH Stun = +11
JG = -9 Grd = -5 On Hit = +7

This is Z.W.E.I's best mid Range Poke or if needed it can be used to punnish certain attacks when you are out of range for other moves to land. The Counter Hit Stun is really Nasty, It grants +11 which is a lot and grants you a free 50/50 Mixup. You can also Combo into 6B CH off of other Stuns as well. A very strong attack if applied at the right time. Completly safe unless JG'd and punnished by APAT CE or whiffing can suck too.
Very Safe.

JG = -21 Grd = -12 Hit = KND

This move has only a few applications. This is not a move you will use very often. Generally you use this move to throw someone off of their JGing or if they happen to be Side walking to the Left at the right angle. This move is also useful for people who like A-GI your mids, this will make them reconsider doing that if you nitice their pattern.

Mostly safe unles TC'd or JG'd. Try to avoid using this move.

i19, M
JG = -21 Grd = -16 Hit = LNC

This is Z.W.E.I's basic Launcher. Its very unsafe. With that said, you should use this move in conjunction with Throws. If you are up against a ducker then this move can really hurt the opponent. If anyone is -19 and you are close enough, this is the move you want to punnish with.

3B > A+B is the standard combo
3B > 1K BE > CE is standard CE combo from 3B. Very painful.

There is no Matchup where you shouldn't use this. Just be wary of a hard punish if this is blocked by any character.

i18, H
JG = -23 Grd = -12 Hit = STUN

Hands down one of Z.W.E.I's most damaging moves. Learning how to apply this move is vital in high level. The key to landing this move is to try to punnish whiffs from your opponent. Wether it be a linear att you happen to step or there is another trick.

If you hold a direction such as (6) and then do (2) or (8) K. If you time this right, no matter what direction you are 8wayrunning in, this move will come out. This is really useful vs 2A for example. If the opponent whiffs 2A and you are doing this, you can tag them at the ending animation of 2A with the tip of your foot.

22K > (B) = Standard Damage Combo
22K > 6B = Alternative combo for when (B) will be out of range an d whiff

Safe for every MU.

i14, HH, NCC
JG = -9 Grd = +1 Hit = +12

This move is very hard to apply. If the first hit connects then the second hit must be Blocked. On CH both attacks will Hit. On Guard the opponent can duck Ein and punnish the hell out of Z.W.E.I. This move can be used for Air Combos and is nice on Hit against the wall with +12 on hit. Not a move you will use very often.

Try to avoid using this unless in combo

i15, HM
JG -28 Grd = -16 Hit = STN

This move is simple. On hit it is very good. On block this move will get you hurt. This move is useful if used sparingly. This move can stop step and can also hit at odd angles. If someone is trying to evade this attack, they will have a difficult time dodging it. This move also has 2 kinds of stuns on it. On CH the second hit will cause a fall down stun. This can be used to end a combo and set up Oki. The other stun occurs on NH, The Flip stun can be used to start a wall combo on short walls. Keep this in mind and try it out.

Do not use on Pyrra, Omega, Apat, Pat, Cervy, Raph
This move can be used if they do not know about the punnish or if they like to walk. Other wise avoid this one as well.

i20, M
JG = -29 Grd = -16 Hit = -4

This is a move that gets used a lot. This is the move you want to use when your opponent doesnt want to get up. This move catchs rollers and duckers. just keep in mind that you are at -4 on hit when they are standing. As punnishable as this move is, its still worth using.

This move should not be used on a standing: Pyrra, Omega, Pat, APat, Raph, Cervy.

i25, M
JG = -21 Grd = -8 Hit = LNC

This is the move that leads to Z.W.E.I's Big Damage combos. Learning how to duck a throw and toss this out to punnish the opponent is a very useful trick. Later on I will explore this move far more in depth and explain the combos that can be done. For now

WR B > BT B+K > A+B = Standard Damage

Safe, Use it.

JG = -17 Grd = -8 Hit = +6

This is one of the few quick Mids that give abnormal advantage on his. A fairly safe poke to use. iFC makes this move applicable to many situations when you just need a safe poke. The JG is the only problem with this attacl.


i22, M TC
JG = -19 Grd = -8 Hit = +3

This move causes the opponent to become BT'd. Do not use this move on Mitsu unless you are comfortable with his BT attack. This move can also be used as a Tech Punnisher if timed right. I will explain mroe in depth about Z.W.E.I's Tech Traps later on.

Avoid using vs Mitsu, Ezio, APat.

i54-i78, M , (Ein)H
JG = -11 Grd = +12 Hit = LNC

One of the slowest moves in the game. This move can be applied in many many ways. The best use I have found is to punnish a big whiff and doing so by starting this move before they whiff. The second use Ive Found is to use 44B insife a combo or Frame trap. This move is far to difficult to explain fully, Experiment with it and see what you can do. If you Hold B then the attack will be delayed to the point Ein will GB then you will hit them for free.

44B > A+B = standard combo

Slow as dirt but safe if not countered. Hard to use.


JG = -37 Grd = -24 Hit = KND

i38, M
JG = -44 Grd = -24 Hit = KND

This move has 2 applications.
1. Its your main combo ender after a CE - 4A+B
2. This is your best whiff punnisher at mid range, IF you can time the attack properly.

If this move is blocked, prey they dont know how horrible it is on block.

i24, MM
1st hit =JG = -17 Grd = -11 Hit = KND
2nd Hit = JG = ? Grd = ? Hit = -8

This move doesn't have much going for it. On Hit this move is good because it forces a non techable knockdown. It can also be used after 66(A+B) on hit for a nice little combo to Oki. Other then that, dont use this move ever.

Mostly unsafe, avoid using outside combos.

JG = -35 Grd = -24 Hit = STN

This is Z.W.E.I's Get out of trouble move. This move causes Z.W.E.I to forward flip a great deal of disstance and hit behind him. This move is great for countering minor Frame Traps or catching people who like to 2A or run up and throw a lot. On Block they get to launch you or get a free Back Grab. If they Grab, make sure to attempt a break since Z.W.E.I can break Back grabs. This move is amazing if applied correctly.

Useful vs all, Can be punnished by all. Good Luck with this one.

i23, M/MM, TC

JG = -21 Grd = -12 Hit = STN
JG = -19 Grd = -8 Hit = STN, KND
This move is simple, The TC is one the main reasons to use this attack, the range is good as well and will catch those pesky backsteppers at the right range. This move also causes a RO if the A hits with thier back to the edge. This is also the first move I suggest learning how to use B+K BE with.

B+K BE > 66BA
Try this out and see what happens.
Avoid vs APat that can iFC Twister. Try this move vs Legendary souls edgemaster if you dont believe me. The A is duckable so use caution with this move. Avoid vs Cervy late game.

i20, H
JG = -21 Grd = -14 Hit = +2 CH = STN

This move is only used in matchs where the opponent does not have a i14 or better punnish. This move does not have the range you would think and can be stepped as well. They key to landing this move is distance, and advantage. If you are close and are at +8, this move cannot be steeped easily that instance. You always want the CH on this move so only fish for CH's with this move.

If you get the CH you have a few options.
CH 6A > 1(B) Oki
CH 6A > 66A+B - Note can be teched easily
Tech Trap options
CH 6A > 1A (Can be teched to the left and has to be blocked Low afterwards to be blocked)
CH 6A > 4(A+B) (If the opponent techs left to avoid 1A, use this instead to deal a generous amount of damage.

Risky move vs all.

i25, H
JG = -18 Grd = -9 Hit = KND

This move is nice for catching step at close range, this move is also your best Wall Combo Starter. This move will alwats put the opponent on the wall the same way every time unlike A+B into the wall.

Mostly Safe but can whiff easily, avoid using most of the time.

i29, L
JG = -25 Grd = -17 Hit = -2

This move is primarily used for
its TC propery or as a 50/50 Mixup after a B+K BE in Oki. This move in conjuntion with Ein is what I have found to work best with this move.

This move can be punnished by everyone. Make sure you have a plan when you use this one. B+K BE is a good move to back yourself up with on this move.

i19, M/MM

JG = -21 Grd = -16 Hit = +2

JG = -24 Grd = -15 Hit = STN
This is Z.W.E.I's most underated move. 22B has an incredible amount of range and can be used to tag your opponent if they whiff or duck. If you get a CH then you can Hit confirm into the 2nd hit for free, If you use alot of 22B, then 22BB becomes effective if the first hit is blocked square. This move is fantasitc for messing with your opponents head.

This move is valid on all.

i30, M, TS
JG = -26 Grd = -17 Hit = STN
Like 22K this move is used on whiffs. Unlike 22K, the move has a Tech Step. You will always step left, 1P side = 88A, 2P side = 22A. The Tech Step can evade a good amount if the step before is applied in the right direction. Typically you want to do 22A > 1(B) Oki on hit.

Avoid using vs: Pyrra, Omega, Cervym Raph, Mitsu.

i41, L TC/~FC
JG = -29 Grd = -20 Hit = KND

As explained earlier, this move leads to tech trap setups. This move also has a nice TC~FC animation but only after frame 20 I think. This move is horribly punishable on block, so do not use this like Mitsu's 1A.

i22, M, TC
JG = -29 Grd = -14 HitLNC

This move is simple, Use it to TC under Highs. Use the BE for RO or extra damage.

33B > (A)
33B > 2K

Dont use vs Pyrra, Omega, Pat, APat, Cervy, Raphel CE, Lexia

i30, L, TC
JG = -25 Grd - -18 Hit = STN

This is a good low as long as you can not make it obvious that you are going to use it. Something everyone tends to do is 1(B) > 44A > Ein etc. everyone knows about this. Now if you apply this move like 22K as I mentioned above and use 11/77 K you will be more like to evade an attack. This move's hit box can be wonky. This one is tough to apply properly.

This can be punnished easily so use this move wisely or not at all.

i36, M
JG = -23 Grd = +4 Hit = +10 STUN
KF i20
KF B from KF = i16

can be delayed
This is one of Z.W.E.I's best tools for creating a mind game situation. +4 on Guard allows for many things. If someone freezes on you, use 214 B > 214 B and beat up their Burst gauge. If someone likes to JG or react to this move, you have the option of using A but I suggest using nothing and then counter them for tapping G.

Use vs Everyone.

Ok thats it for this week. Stay tuned for the next addition to this article.
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Awesome stuff really
This will really help any ZWEI once its done, if you would like any help or if I do a write up of one thing and you do another i wouldnt mind

could i also add 9B into your list?
the move is helpful in many scenarios
i21 -13 on JG, -4 on block, +3 on hit, TJs starting from frame 3

So here is a unreactable mid what pretty much will always jump over lows, throws and 2A.

on block your at -4. like holy shit, -4.... on block..... with ZWEI.

this means much like the options you have after 2K on hit you can use here

9B on block > 6A+B ( beats almost all immediate mids)
9B on block > GI (beats every other immediate option apart from throw)
9B on block > block and duck ( blocks lows and ducks immediate high like AA/ throw basically options what counter 6A+B and you could ultimately whif punish with wrB)
9B on block > JG (meter yay and its pretty much your turn to attack after a JG)
9B on block > 9B (beats throws and lows if blocked they in same situation)
9B on block > K/3K/2A (only -4 go crazy like every other character does, K your fastest attack is i17 i think attacking here is a good option seeing that you have so many counter measures for them attacking striaght away )

and lastly you score a 9B +3 isnt much but I hardly never see anyone attack after it and you are right in their face for a throw, 4B, 9B and even the likes of 214B and 66A+B.

so yeah this move good in any MU
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[10] Knight
Awesome stuff really
This will really help any ZWEI once its done, if you would like any help or if I do a write up of one thing and you do another i wouldnt mind

could i also add 9B into your list?
the move is helpful in many scenarios
i21 -13 on JG, -4 on block, +3 on hit, TJs starting from frame 3

So here is a unreactable mid what pretty much will always jump over lows, throws and 2A.

on block your at -4. like holy shit, -4.... on block..... with ZWEI.

this means much like the options you have after 2K on hit you can use here

9B on block > 6A+B ( beats almost all immediate mids)
9B on block > GI (beats every other immediate option apart from throw)
9B on block > block and duck ( blocks lows and ducks immediate high like AA/ throw basically options what counter 6A+B and you could ultimately whif punish with wrB)
9B on block > JG (meter yay and its pretty much your turn to attack after a JG)
9B on block > 9B (beats throws and lows if blocked they in same situation)
9B on block > K/3K/2A (only -4 go crazy like every other character does, K your fastest attack is i17 i think attacking here is a good option seeing that you have so many counter measures for them attacking striaght away )

and lastly you score a 9B +3 isnt much but I hardly never see anyone attack after it and you are right in their face for a throw, 4B, 9B and even the likes of 214B and 66A+B.

so yeah this move good in any MU
Like the enthusiasm. I will add 9B in the near future when I have time to write it out. 214B and 6B will be in the next section.


[10] Knight
The 2nd portion is done. I had more moves to do, but there was not to muxh to say about these attacks in this section. Section 3 is going to focus on how to use Ein. The 4th Section is going to have a breakdown of what moves to use in certain MU's. The 4th section might take me a while to write out so please be patient.

Cecil if you could edit what I've posted and sticky this to the top as well that would be helpful. If you want to add anything, send me a PM with what you want to add and to where. I'll read it over and let you know. The goal is to walk a new player through the difficulty of undesrstanding Z.W.E.I. Also If you could do a Legend for all of the terms that would be helpful as well and we can add that to the first post. After the guide is done lets delete Our posts except for the guide and lock it up. Sound good?