Zasalamel FAQs and Introduction Guide


Hey everyone,

Firstly welcome to the Zasalamel Soul Arena!

If you are new to SoulCalibur and its notation I would highly recommend watching this notation and terms guide by @Scallywag-93 as i will be referring to moves and inputs in this language, it will make your life easier and its much simpler that it may look.

Q --------- ' What's this characters strengths+playstyle and how does he play?'

He isn't the easiest character to use at all there is definitely a number of layers to this character to be able to use him optimally but if your looking to main him I think the pay off is huge as he can fight against a number of match ups being a solid choice in tournaments.

Despite his large appearance this character is really versatile in where and how he can play. When he is mid range has plenty of moves that close the distance by pulling in with usable frames and a number of moves that can keep distance too so you can really play a game of exploiting opponents' weaknesses.

He has some surprisingly fast close up tools and frames to frame trap/pressure opponent once he is close.

His curse mechanic has been implemented really well has he has a good number of viable ways to get them applied and especially when has 2 or 3 on opponent has really strong front RO options, low mix up and stronger block punishment and combo damage.

It should also be said this character has insane reverse RO options with his grabs, CH tools and 44A+B thus making opponent put themselves in a risky position trying to pressure you in that situation with your back to the edge.

Understanding which range you want the opponent at to limit their options along with effective stage positioning I believe is gonna be a key factor in mastering Zasalamel.

Q ---------'He can stop time??? how the hell does that work?'

Zasalamel can 'curse' the opponent with certain attacks, which are those floating purple orb things and you can a maximum of 3 at a time. The orbs do NOT carry over inbetween rounds.

Moves that curse the opponent only when they hit are: 6K, 3K, 6A+GK, SC 2A+B.
Moves that can also inflict a curse on block are: B+KK, RE K, CE.

Once at least 1 curse is on the opponent, Zasalamel has access to 4 moves that instead of just being a regular attack immediately afterwards activates a Timestop after them ONLY when that starting attack hit the opponent or was blocked. The number of curses the opponent has and if the Timestop starting move successfully hit the opponent or not has a set amount of frame advantage or longer grounded stun which can potentially allow new combo routes. Once a Timestop has been activated the curses are gone.

Timestop moves are: 1BB, 66A+BB, 46BB and RE BB.

After the timestop moves in notation you may see 'TS' which means TimeStop followed by a number either 1,2 or 3 and the number simply means how many curses are on the opponent at the time when you do the move. For example 1BB TS2 which is using 1BB timestop when opponent has 2 curses on them.

Q ----------- 'What exactly are the frames with the timestops?'

1BB on hit:
TS1 = +6
TS2 = +16
TS3 = +26

1BB on block:
TS1 = -10
TS2 = 0
TS3 = +10

66A+BB on hit:
offers longer grounded stun depending on amount.

66A+BB on block:
TS1 = -14
TS2 = -4
TS3 = +4

46BB on hit:
offers longer grounded stun depending on amount.

46BB on block:
TS1 = -6
TS2 = +6
TS3 = +16

RE B on hit:
TS1 = +24
TS2 = +34
TS3 = +44

Q ------- 'Are curses easy to apply? Whats the most effective way to get curses applied?'

So ideally we want to take a curse opportunity as often as possible especially early round since they open up even more opportunities later.

Here are the curse applying moves again: 6K, 3K, B+KK(also blocked), 6A+GK, SC 2A+B, RE K(also blocked) and CE (also blocked)

6K is going to be your main tool. The Devs were really kind and gave Zas a number of very useful moves which grant him +12 on hit allowing a free 6K as a combo. These moves are 66A, 6B+KA, FC 3K, CH 6AB, RE K

6K being i12 on its own also means its got a great use for block punishment too when in range since up until -20 his block punishment damage wise isn't that much more (without curses).

6K can be used in air combos from 3B/22B/CH 66B/66B+K recommended early round.

6K last serves a purpose as being a i12 CH tool, it is high and unsafe at -12 (although tiny block stun) even granting a LH if it counter hits or whiff punishes a 'light attack' giving you a combo opportunity.

3K is the mid version of 6K and safe at -8 but its i14. This still makes it handy for a close range poke. I particularly like this after moves on hit that grant +10 such as 6AB(second hit), 66B normal hit, 2B+K CH and RE B on hit because it then 3K comes out at i4 which beats RE and trades with SC still giving a curse (only losing to GI but that can be baited).

3K is fantastic at the wall and in wall combos as it wall splats on hit while giving a curse each time it does it allowing for quick curse acceleration and re stand opportunities.

3K can finally be used as a combo ender in certain stun combos such as CH 6BK stuns.

6A+GK is a pretty fantastic throw only doing 15 damage less at most than other front throws but gives Zas a curse when landed and +6 frame advantage (can also front wall splat too). Since this is also a command throw even if opponent breaks it we are at +8.

B+KK is a move that charges up and does a break attack which also leaves a curse on block. This is a strong way to get one when you have conditioned opponent to respect and is possible to immediately cancel with G for alternative mix up if opponent tries to react to the start up. Don't neglect this its better than people give it credit for.

SC 2A+B is gonna be your least likely move youll land being a i30 vertical break attack and the curse is simply more a bonus go for it as a post GI or when opponent wants to GI/RE out of your SC 1AB/3AKB mix ups.

RE K offers some great rewards, on hit RE K combos into 6K giving you 2 curses straight away and even if opponent picked G you get a curse and +4.

CE right now is probably the best move in the game and should be reminded that you get given a curse on hit and on block. I'm actually able to use this CE as block pressure in some situations where opponent doesn't want to step before flash. It is a expensive curse but at the wall when you get a curse and +8 or opponent runs into it.....yeah its too good

Q ------------- 'Whats the rewards these curses give?'''

These are the biggest highlights timestop can give Zas and its down preference when to spend curses if its only 1 curse its not so hard to replace if you have done it in the right place. Take into consideration if you may be near a edge or when you maybe close to getting their health in range to kill with the curses you've stacked.

-----BEST TS1 OPTIONS-----

RE BB TS1 - 6B+KA - 6K for 80dmg and a curse back.
If near a wall/edge launchers can combo into 46BB TS1 4B+K BT B+K for 90dmg
46BB TS1 makes the usually unsafe 46B safe at -6 and give a combo into 66B.
1BB TS1 becomes a low that's +6 on hit and -10 on block.

-----BEST TS2 OPTIONS -----

1BB TS2 can give 46B for RO, 3K/b:K for w!, 3AB for 43dmg&+2 mid screen and 8B+K if the 1BB TS2 hits grounded.
launchers mid screen can combo 46BB TS2 - 2A+B - 66A+B for 90dmg
46BB TS2 w! options or 66A+B ender from a i16 block/whiff punish.
RE BB TS2 can also combo into CE for 100dmg+1curse.

----- BEST TS3 OPTIONS -----

1BB TS3 44A+B - BT B+K for 60 dmg and oki or 6B+KA - 6K for 63+1curse back.
CH 1BB TS3 66B b:K 46B has crazy forward RO carry that can also be combo'd onto.
46BB TS3 can combo into 2A+B 66A+B for 90 dmg off a i16 whiff /block punish.
66A+BB TS3 can guarantee G - 2A+B - 66A+B for 100-120 dmg in any none stun combo.

Q---------- 'Is this timestop mechanic important to his game?'

Overall the curse and timestop mechanic is good for the extra mix up potential and damage however he doesnt need to rely on or consistently apply curses to be able to win. His good spacing game, ring out potential and using his meter for SC and CE are all good enough to fall back on.

Q------------ 'What is this BT vortex you are on about?'

BT meaning Back turned, when Zasalamel is in the position and close enough to the option he actually as access to a 50/50 Mid or Low mix up and both options after their combo can leave Zas exactly in the same position for another mix up. Its rather gimmicky as most set ups can be back teched and the easier answer to deal with it is to stay down but just incase you was wondering what it means:

You can set yourself into this position after certain combos here is a video that demonstrates it:

Q------------- 'What is the best uses of his meter?'

Both CE and SC are really strong for Zas.

SC itself like others pushes back which can help his spacing game vs faster characters.

SC A+B is his massive suck in attack which has big range, a break attack and +6 on block. Really effective vs opponents trying to escape him and on oki forcing them to stand.
SC 1AB is another powerful stand out move as it gives him a unseeable low NC with +4 on hit.
SC 3AKB is all a natural combo into 8B+K for 68dmg off a i16 hori mid and you can hit confirm the last B.
SC 2A+B improves his post GI game alot as on hit does his attack throw into good oki and a curse.
SC A+G is a beefy forward throw for 80dmg with good oki and being a command throw +8 on break.
SC 22BBB turns our 22B safe and into a non JF easy combo into strong oki,
CE is a incredible tool since it aGIs everything after i8 and being a break attack will punish GI/RE not to mention a curse on hit and block.

His meter is a really good option if your curse attempts hasn't been that effective in that round to allow for the comeback factor.

If Zas has curses set up and in SC he becomes even more scary with a more threatening 1BB TS2 - SC 3AKB - 8B+K with ways to still make it a risk to step with SC 1AB/ SC 3AKB.

Q-----------'I am having trouble opening opponents up/this guy knows the MU'
When you've not got curses or not in SC I hear from people they have trouble opening up players with better defense since on his own Zas doesn't have a + on hit unseeable low.

You do have to be alittle creative with Zas but he has a good number of chip lows and low disadvantage moves that create frame traps and force opponent to have to deal with the situations that you start putting them in.

22K, 22KK, FC 3K, 4A, 3A(B), 44(B) are inbetween 0 and -2 on block
1A, 1B, 1K, 2B+K, 2K are all chip lows that on normal hit are -4 on hit but they also cover different areas.

being at a low disadvantage means attacking with something fast or stepping or GI or CE are gonna start forcing the opponent to guess.

throws especially 6A+GK with the +8 on break is really good.
B+KK and the G cancel work brilliant for this purpose and ofc can begin getting the curses for 1BB
rack up the guard damage with tools like 3A(b), 6BB, 66B.
reverse mix ups with 6B+K using the frame they lose doing a duck for 6B+KA to take your turn back again with something fast or defensive option.

Q---------'What are my oki options?'
oki write up post coming soon !

Q--------- 'What is some moves for different situations?

mid range to pull in:
6AA, 6AB, 3A(B), 4A, 66A, 66(A), 22A, 6BB, SC A+B.

Distance maintain/create:
44A,46B,44B, 44(B), 44K, 4B+K, wrB+K, 4A+G

Close range pokes
AA(i12), 2A(i12), A6(i14), 3K(i14), BB(i16), 2B(i16), 2B+K(i16), 2K(i16)

This list is in order for priortising getting curse applied then next best options if the curse move would be out of range or better for max damage / oki would be after.


i12: 6K, AA, KK, 2A
i14: 6K, b:K, bK, AA, KK
i16: 6K, 46BB, K6, 3AB, 46B
i18: 6K, 46BB, K6, 3AB, 8B+K, 46B
i20: 3B(curse combo), 44A+B, 6BB LH
i22: 6B+KA, 66A+BB, 44A+B, 6BB LH

Crouching :

i12: 6K, wrKB
i14: FC 3K, wrKB
i16: FC 3K, 46BB, 46B
i18: FC 3K, 46BB, 46B
i20: FC 3K, 44A+B, 46BB, 6BB LH
i22: 6B+KA, 66A+BB, 44A+B,

Whiff punishers:

6B+KA, 6BB LH, 44A+B, 46BB, 46B

GI game:
Level2 GI - 46B/K6/step in to bait reGI
Level3 GI - 66B+K (gets you LH) , 66A+B (Only level 1 on reGI), bait reGI

Guard burst game:
Ideally burst guard with 6BB/3AK/9B.
You then get 44(B) LH into 4B+K - BT K - BT BB if you break with the above moves.

Q---------- 'Whats some good resources to be subscribed to/follow?'

I have created a Zasalamel discord where discussions on tech, match ups and gameplay videos are organised:
I am personally collaborating with a current quality Tekken7 content creator called 'Scallywag 93' who will be making SC6 tutorials and also Zasalamel guides post release. Please help us both out by subscribing to his channel :
I have made a combo thread which I will be updating over time:
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