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  • Aurelia Dichalla Dolce Dalkia
    Debut: Soul Calibur III
    Voice (E): ?
    Voice (J): Kimiko Saitou
    Age: 36
    Birthplace: ?
    Birthday: May 12, 1555
    Blood: O
    Height: ?
    Weight: ?
    Family: Husband (former Dalkia king), deceased
    Lover, Roin
    Fighting Style
    Type: Chained Sickle
    Weapon: Black Widow
    Discipline: Mu-ji Chained Sickle Arts
    Aurelia Dichalla Dolce Dalkia (オーレリア・ジカルハ・ドルシェ・ダルキア, Ōreria Jikaruha Dorushe Darukia) is a fictional character in Namco's Soul series of fighting games. She appears in Soul Calibur III's side-quest mode Chronicles of the Sword as the queen of one of the empires and final boss of Chronicle 12. She's also an unlockable Bonus Character in the main game. She represents the "Sickle" Create-a-Fighter discipline.


    Character Artwork

    Art: Soul Calibur III (+UFS)

    aurSC3art1.jpg aurSC3wep1.jpg aurSC3wp1.jpg
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