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  • Geo Dampierre
    Debut: Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny
    Voice (E): Vic Mignogna
    Voice (J): Shigeru Chiba
    Age: I believe we already went over this
    Birthplace: Do you know where Dampierre & Co. are located?
    Birthday: Is that really the question you want to ask?
    Blood: I would love to talk about our future after this ball.
    Height: Take a look at my long and nimble legs. Although yours are better.
    Weight: So, you want to know my deep, dark secret?
    Family: Three devoted followers carry out the business: Ludovigo of the Broken Demonic Sword, Alphard the One-Eyed Bombshell, and Gisele the Lady Bandit. Uses an imaginary daughter to con people.
    Fighting Style
    Type: Are you insinuating that I use a hidden dagger? That's just a malicious rumor.
    Weapon: Convenient Rumor & Fake Gold
    Discipline: Last Resort
    Dampierre (ダンピエール, Dampieru) is a con artist introduced in Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny and known by a variety of titles, amongst which include "Alchemist of the Ages", "The World's Best Assassin", and "Miraculous Psychic". He eventually became recognized as a thief, and resorted to robbery and kidnapping to continue his rich lifestyle. Desiring to live a noble life instead, he decides to instead fight against Nightmare and use his skills for good. His weapons consist of two spring mounted daggers strapped to the underside of his wrists.


    Bio: Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny​

    He was a flawless con artist. Known by many names, "Alchemist of the Ages", "The World's Best Assassin", "Artistic Genius", "Invincible Duelist", "Jewel Mender", "Merchant from the East", "Miraculous Psychic", there was not a character that Dampierre could not perform. Little by little, though, people began to recognize him as a thief, keeping him from being able to live his previous life of luxury. In order to stay alive, he began to take on dirty jobs like robbery and kidnapping that sullied the elegance that he mastered in order to enchant the salons.

    "This isn't right! I should live a noble life!" Now, when he looks in a mirror, he clearly sees the shadow has come over him. Because of that, he has decided to wash his hands of his dirty occupation, and use the knowledge he has to do everything he can for the fight against Ostrheinsburg. He believes that even his knowledge of thievery will be an asset if used for good.

    Bio: Soulcalibur V​

    Everyone in Italy's financial world had heard of Lord Geo Dampierre and his firm, the Dampierre Company. "The Magnificent," as he called himself, enjoyed success in a variety of ventures centered around the city of Venice, all due to his shrewd business dealings and silver tongue - or so people believed.

    In truth, Dampierre was a con man and a scoundrel who would lie, cheat, and steal as it suited him. Trading slaves, looting trouble countries of their national treasure - nothing was beneath him.

    One morning, his loyal lieutenant Gisele had news: Graf Dumas, ruler of the Kingdom of Hungary, was preparing for war. Dampierre was excited; he saw conflict as an opportunity, an investment - a few early favors could easily net a fortune once the dust settled. He would arrange to meet the king, bearing gifts of his finest cannons and a regiment of elephant cavalry.

    And so it was that Dampierre set off for Hungary, his mind, as ever, on the riches to come..."

    Character Artwork​

    Art: Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny​

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    Art: Soulcalibur V​

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