Ivy - Combat Lessons - SC6

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  • Fighting Styles​

    The unique snake sword used by this fighting style has a will of its own, twisting and changing its shape according to its wielders will.

    While in its whip form, it has unparalleled range, and can keep opponents at bay with flurries of vicious strikes. If they stop to try to defend against the blows, they've only fallen into a deadly trap.

    The snake sword can also split into eight pieces to catch an opponent unaware with slippery and surprising moves, such as wrapping around their feet from afar and making mincemeat of their defenses. Those caught by it will find it striking them like the cold hand of death. No matter what the distance, all are within the snake sword's grasp.

    Style Lesson: Beginner​

    • Use Your Reach to Dominate
    This style lets you change your weapon's form and stab at distant opponents, making long-range damage one of its fundamental principles. Use moves like Rushing Raven (:4::B:) and Ivy Lash (:6::(B):) to attack from distances impossible to touch by other styles. Bait out attacks, and when your opponent misses, punish them with Darkside (:B::6:).​

    • For Foes Who Dodge Thrusts
    When enemies avoid long-range vertical attacks using an 8-way run, the horizontal attack Tempting Tezhas (:6::(A):) can be effective. It becomes an attack throw that knocks the opponent down on a counter hit. Other long-range horizontal attacks that can trip up foes include Ancient Wheel (:1::A::A:) and Raven's Egg (:B::A:).​

    • Mid-Range Break Attacks
    Vile Condemnation (:2: or :3::A+G:) is a low attack that makes your weapon pop out at range, and only a crouching guard can defend against it. It comes out at the same distance as the middle attack Fear's Void (:2: or :3::B+K:), and mixing them up can weaken your opponent's defenses.​

    Style Lesson: Adept​

    • When Things Get Too Close
    You have an advantage at medium-to-long range, so when the enemy presses in, it's vital to push them away to a safe distance. Moves like Cataclysm (:6::A::A:), Warning Immortal (:6::B::B:), and Warning Mood (:6::B::A:) let you get some space when blocked.​
    Cataclysm can leave you open at the end if ducked, but Dashing Wind (:6::A::K:) lets you move first if blocked, so mix things up with these two moves.​

    • Using Serpent's Embrace
    Warning Mood (:6::B::(A):) and other techniques let you switch to the special stance Serpent's Embrace. From this stance, try to use Lamenting Tail (during Serpent's Embrace :4::A:), a hard-to-spot low attack, as well as the middle attacks Mistress' Justice (during Serpent's Embrace :B::B::B:) and Ivy Sting (during Serpent's Embrace :6::B:).​
    When it looks like the opponent will defend with a reversal edge, use the break attack Landing Embrace (during Serpent's Embrace :4::B:).​

    Style Lesson: Master​

    • Counters After Dodging Vertical Attacks
    After dodging a vertical attack with an 8-way run, you can start a juggle with Drowning Madness (:2::(2): or :8::(8)::(B):). If you have at least one soul gauge, you can chain this with a critical edge from your stance.​
    When you dodge a charging attack, you can get behind your opponent. From this position, Aqua Clipper (:3::B:) becomes a devastating lethal hit.​

    • Dodge High Attacks and Counter
    After ducking to avoid a high attack or throw, Pride (while crouching :1::B:) and Cagemaster (while rising :B::B:) give you a chance to juggle.​

    • Vicious Throws for Your Arsenal
    Though difficult to pull off and not necessary for most situations, this style has a pair of powerful throws.​
    Calamity Symphony (:3::7::4::6::9::1::6::A+G:) has great reach and damage, and can be used at medium-to-close range. Summon Suffering (:3::7::6::2::3::1::A+G:) is a close-range throw that cannot be broken. The input for these throws can be delayed, and other inputs won't interrupt it. This means you can spin and then enter :6::A+G: or :1::A+G: to perform them. Once you're more comfortable, try performing the motion properly for greater speed.​

    Critical Edges​

    Guilty Throne​

    • Properties
    A middle attack that is hard to combo with because of its high delay, but has guard impact properties. It can be useful at close range as a way to counterattack.​

    • Tips
    This technique is ordinarily used defensively, but can also be used from the Serpent's Embrace stance, which lowers its delay substantially.​
    Use this technique after launching the opponent with Drowning Madness (:2::(2): or :8::(8)::(B):) as part of a juggle, or after shifting stances with Warning Mood (:6::B::(A):) and baiting out an attack.​

    Soul Charging​

    • Easy Break Attacks
    Deadly Cataclysm (during soul charge :6::A::A:) and Death Glance (during soul charge :6::B::B:) can be used as break attacks. When blocked, they will push the opponent away, forcing them to engage at long range.​

    • Enhanced Offense with Serpent's Embrace
    Attacks are much more effective from this special stance. Violent Spirits (during Serpent's Embrace :A::A:) becomes a break attack, and Wind Embrace (during Serpent's Embrace :6::A::A:) becomes an unblockable attack, letting you do damage even if the opponent defends.​

    Reversal Edges​

    • Take Control of the Battle
    Pressing :6: during the input will change the attack to Darkside (:B::6:). Change your reaction when you see an enemy attack from long range.​

    • Following Up with :A:
    An attack that pushes the enemy a good distance away when it is blocked. This style works best at long range, so if the opponent drags you into a reversal edge contest, use this to make an exit.​
    When the input is held, you will return to Serpent's Embrace. Being close carries risks, but this does more damage on a hit.​

    • Following Up with :B:
    This is the most damaging follow-up attack. A lethal hit is especially devastating.​

    • Following Up with :K:
    A kick that causes a long stun on hit. The opponent will stay close, so this is an excellent chance to enter a throw input. On a lethal hit, this will add an additional attack that's good for keeping foes on the ground.​
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