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  • Lizardman (Aeon Calcos)
    Debut: Soulcalibur
    Voice (E): None
    Voice (J): None
    Age: 32 (SC1)
    36 (SC3-4)
    53 (SC5)
    Birthplace: Sparta, Ottoman Empire
    Birthday: June 23, 1554
    Blood: Unknown
    Height: 5'11" (180 cm) (SC1-4)
    6'8" (202cm), 11'4" (346cm) wingspan (SC5)
    Weight: 190 lbs (86 kg) (SC1-4)
    295 lbs (135 kg) (SC5)
    Family: The memories of his family in his homeland has mixed with the memories of his prey. He can no longer recognize them.
    Fighting Style
    Type: Sword and Shield (SC1)
    Single Handed Ax & Small Shield (SC3-4)
    Dual Axes (SC5)
    Weapon: Xi Sword & Game Shield (SC1)
    Grudge Axe & Aya Shield (SC3-4)
    Ktinos & Anthropos (SC5)
    Discipline: Rapid Ares Style (SC1-4)
    & Moves of His Former Preys (SC5)
    Aeon Calcos (アイオーン・カルコス, Aiōn Karukosu), commonly known as Lizardman (リザードマン, Rizaadoman), made his first appearance in Soulcalibur and has returned for Soulcalibur III & IV, with a new design in every incarnation of the game, and as an unlockable character. Lizardman also made an appearance in the North American and European console ports of Soulcalibur II, though it’s stated in Soulcalibur II’s Official Complete Guide that the character is not Aeon Calcos himself.

    [h3]Bio: Soulcalibur[/h3]
    Aeon Calcos was a warrior who received an oracle from Hephaestus, the god of smithery to destroy Soul Edge. He wandered the world searching for the demonic blade, to fulfill his destiny. One day, a group of desert travelers rescued a dehydrated Aeon and brought him to their village. Unfortunately, instead of repaying their kindness, the Evil Seed rained down and turned Aeon into a crazed killer, who massacred everyone in the village.

    Stories of this Berserker spread to Kunpaetku, the grand priest of the dark order Fygul Cestemus. Aeon was captured and used as a human guinea pig in a terrible experiment, which caused an unspeakable transformation in Aeon... "Find the demon sword, Soul Edge!" The new slave of the grand priest couldn't resist his masters commands.

    [h3]Bio: Soulcalibur II[/h3]
    Lizardman appears in the US and European versions of Soulcalibur 2. However, this version of Lizardman is not Aeon Calcos, but a generic Lizardman created by the Kunpaetku Order.

    [h3]Bio: Soulcalibur III[/h3]
    When he awoke, there was not way for him to know what had happened. All he remembered was the feeling of suddenly being pulled from the dark Abyss. The waves emitted by Soulcalibur when it struck the cursed sword had shaken his consciousness. The first thing he saw when he awoke was his own figure, transformed into that of a monster. In his fragmented memory, he recalled having served a grand priest in a dark temple. He had taken countless lives.

    Aeon Calcos set out to find a way to become human again. While keeping his monstrous form hidden. He could not even meet his family with this body. "Lord, the fate you have bestowed upon me is too cruel." He didn't realize the faint doubt that had sprouted in his heart. As time passed, he couldn't find a solution. He decided to try the one place he had been avoiding. The evil temple. When he got there, however, it had been destroyed. With his only glimmer of hope extinguished, something important crumbled within him.

    Doubt spread through his heart. Why did his god remain silent during his plight? Even to his god, he was nothing more than a cursed monster! The sword and shield his god had given him had served to steady his heart, but now he cast them aside and turned his despair and anger toward th god. He would cut down his god with the weapon even his god had feared! This would be the ultimate revenge. He no longer felt any fear toward the idea of becoming a cold blooded beast.

    [h3]Bio: Soulcalibur IV[/h3]
    Despondent over his lot, the once pious man longed to slay the god who had abandoned him, but fate had dealt him an even crueler hand than he knew. His body had already turned into something grotesque, and now his mind, too, was becoming twisted by it. His human emotions and memories disappeared bit by bit until at last, even his heart had degenerated into that of a monster. Before he knew it, a horde of beastly kinsmen had flocked to his side. With his stronger build and superior battle technique, he exuded dominance over the other lizardmen without a word being spoken, and they made him their leader. He gave himself over to vicious impulses and began leading his pack on a murderous rampage.

    Except at night, when his sleep grew patchy. Sometimes he would open his eyes, and there they would be: the sensations and memories of being human, resurrected. He would be astounded by his nightmarish reality, his unstructured thoughts. He did not even know who he was. Only a great hollow emptiness remained, driving him on in a desperate panic. He'd lost something. Something as precious as life itself. Of course, his soul! What had become of his soul? Only the memory remained to him, and it shone with the last vestiges of the obsession he had once held: Soul Edge. That was where his soul lay! (My... my soul. Must find it. Once the sun has risen....) And with that last thought, he shut his eyes and fell back into the abyss of sleep.

    [h3]Bio: Soulcalibur V[/h3]
    The Spartan swordsman Aeon heeded the divine calling to become a holy warrior - a soldier tasked with destroying Soul Edge. But his mission ended when he was captured by a cult known as Fygul Cestemus, and transformed into a hideous monster. "Why?" he pleaded. "Why has god forsaken me in my time of need?!"

    In despair at the loss of his humanity. Aeon eventually surrendered to his beastly instincts: He walked on all fours, and devoured anything - or anyone - who crossed his path. Many years passed, until one day Aeon heard an inhuman voice speaking to him inside a cave. "Devour all, and your wish shall surely come true."

    From that moment on, the beast-man gained the power to inherit the nature of those he consumed. Each time he tasted the blood of a new prey, his body and soul were transformed. Gradually he regained the power of reason. Aeon searched the faint remnants of his memory... "How can I regain that which I have lost?" he wondered.

    But he knew the answer: He must feed on new victims. He must consume the flesh of holy warriors...

    [h2]Character Artwork[/h2]
    [h3]Art: Soulcalibur[/h3]
    lizSC1art1.jpg lizSC1art2.jpg lizSC1art3.jpg lizSC1art4.jpg lizSC1cg1.jpg lizSC1cg2.jpg lizSC1cg3.jpg lizSC1cg4.jpg lizSC1cg5.jpg lizSC1end1.jpg lizSC1end2.jpg
    [h3]Art: Soulcalibur III (+UFS)[/h3]
    lizSC3art1.jpg lizSC3art2.jpg lizSC3art3.jpg lizSC3cg1.jpg lizSC3wep1.jpg lizSC3wp1.jpg lizSC3wp2.jpg
    [h3]Art: Soulcalibur IV (+BD)[/h3]
    lizSC4art1.jpg lizSC4art2.jpg lizSC4cg1.jpg lizSC4wp1.jpg lizSC4wp2.jpg
    [h3]Art: Soulcalibur V[/h3]
    lizSC5art1.jpg lizSC5art2.jpg lizSC5cg1.jpg
    [h3]Art: Outcast Odyssey[/h3]
    lizOOart1.jpg lizOOart2.jpg lizOOart3.jpg lizOOart4.jpg
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