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  • Luna
    Debut: Soulcalibur III
    Voice (E): ???
    Voice (J): Hiromi Konno
    Age: 17
    Birthplace: Unknown
    Birthday: October 8
    Blood: A (presumed)
    Height: 5'2" (158 cm)
    Weight: 101 lbs (46 kg)
    Family: As the Klessirpemdo is now family, real family is unnecessary
    Mother / Mooncalf
    Fighting Style
    Type: Chinese Blade
    Weapon: Dystopia
    Discipline: Hei Sheng Jian Shu
    Luna (ルナ, Runa) is a fictional character in Namco's Soul series of fighting games. She appears in Soulcalibur III's side-quest mode Chronicles of the Sword as the player's enemy and rival thorough the mode. She's also an unlockable Bonus Character in the main game. She represents the "Chinese Blade" Create-a-Fighter discipline.


    Bio: Soulcalibur III​

    She could still hear the shouting.
    "Take the sword if you want to live, you worthless scum!"
    As the tears swelled from the pain, she had nowhere to hide and no peace in sight.
    "I'm sorry... I'm sorry. Please give me another chance. I will not disappoint you again."
    She had heard of kindness and warmth, but had never experienced them. Her natural talent as well as her gruesome past was how she reached her current level of brilliance. Self-defense instincts, survival instincts, that's all it was. No one protected her. No parents that cared and loved her. No friends to have emotional ties to.

    Only a single sword.

    She had to be stronger. There could not be anyone stronger. Today, she flies across the battlefield, cutting through the enemy like a flash of light. She feels no mercy to those that flee, to those that surrender, that beg her to spare them for their family's sake.

    She feels no mercy because she does not know how. She was never given the chance. All this to simply exist. That was her only reason.

    Character Artwork​

    Art: Soulcalibur III (+UFS)​

    lunSC3art1.jpg lunSC3wp1.jpg
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