The Apprentice

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  • The Apprentice
    Debut: Soulcalibur IV
    Voice (E): Sam Witwer
    Voice (J): Shuhei Sakaguchi
    Age: Unknown
    Birthplace: Kashyyyk
    Birthday: Unknown
    Blood: Unknown
    Height: 6'1''
    Weight: 178 lbs
    Family: Mother / Mallie (deceased)
    Father / Kento (deceased)
    Master / Darth Vader
    Fighting Style
    Type: Lightsaber
    Weapon: Lightsaber
    Discipline: Self Taught, Dark Side of the Force
    The Apprentice (also known as Starkiller, real name Galen Marek), the main character of the Star Wars game, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, was revealed in the trailer on June 6. He appears on both home versions of Soulcalibur IV, along with the console exclusive characters: his Sith Master Darth Vader, and Jedi Master Yoda. Like his guest counterparts, he can also utilize the power of the Force to gain the upperhand in battle.


    Bio: Soulcalibur IV​

    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....

    He was raised in secret as the apprentice of Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith. His father was a Jedi Knight, so the Apprentice possessed immeasurable potential. Darth Vader saw his natural aptitude and raised him as his apprentice. The harsh training promoted fear and hatred. He became the Dark Lord's shadow, performing secret missions at his behest. Upon completion of another mission, the Apprentice was given a new order.

    A gate to another dimension was about to open in space. He was ordered to act as a vanguard and identify the wave of power that was causing the disturbance. Upon reaching the area of space in question and confirming the dimensional tear, the Apprentice waited to see if it would become a stable passageway. The wave of power grew stronger right before his eyes, and the distortion widened until it became a clearly distinguishable hole in space. When the dimensional portal opened, the Apprentice entered without hesitation. There, in that other galaxy, he encounters two swords that possess opposing powers.

    Tournament Controversy​

    Darth Vader, Yoda, and The Apprentice (along with Algol and guest characters) are banned in France due to not "fitting" into the game's story.

    Character Artwork​

    Art: Soulcalibur IV (+BD)​

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