EVO 2018 SCVI Side Tournament Action!
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Starting Friday, August 3rd, Namco Bandai will be hosting a multitude of exhibitions. From a 192 man singles tournament via Friday, to a Teams 5v5 event. Myself and @Party Wolf will be in attendance, among other notable competitors! Make sure to tune in both Friday and Saturday!
Schedule after the break.

MLG Daily Giveaway - Sony Playstation Vita (Wi-Fi)

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Every day of October there will be new prizes for MLG's daily giveaway.
Today is a Sony Playstation Vita (Wi-Fi). Need to check back every day to see the next prize and enter.

MLG Summer Championship Broadcast Info - Aug 24-26

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As always, the basic broadcast for each game will be free in standard definition. The streams will be found at
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Get VIP Treatment at the MLG Summer Championship

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The Summer Championship in Raleigh from August 24-26th is an event you won’t want to miss. The spectator experience is going to be awesome, and we’re about to make it even better for five lucky people.

Win VIP Passes and More

Just buy a Venue Spectator Pass for Raleigh before Monday, August 20th at 6pm ET, and you’ll be entered to win one of five sets of VIP passes! If you’ve already bought a pass, you’re already entered in the promotion and don’t have to do a thing. Check out full promotion rules here.
Empire Arcadia in Guinness World Records!
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On the 3rd of August, Guinness World Record's officially tweeted their congratulations to Empire Arcadia for "Most tournament wins for a gaming team". Guinness World Record awards Empire Arcadia as "The most documented tournament wins for a gaming team is 1,111 achieved by Empire Arcadia."

Phillip Atkinson (aka KDZ) Soul Calibur 4 WCG National Champion 2009 and Sean Evers (aka LinkRKC) Soul Calibur 5 Winter Brawl Champion 2012 have contributed wins to the organization helping it becoming the all time tournament winning gaming team in competitive gaming world wide.

Summer Fighter Arena August 10th

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This Friday, August 10 from 4pm ET to 12am ET, will host the Summer Fighter Arena. The Top 8 Mortal Kombat and Soul Calibur V players from the MLG Spring Championship will go head-to-head for $3,400 in each game! Join us live for a full eight hours of intense fighting games action.

The broadcast will feature two streams: the gameplay stream and the Dr Pepper Ultimate Access stream, showcasing coverage and interviews all weekend long. The standard definition broadcast of both streams is free.

MLG Summer Championship Player Passes are on Sale Now

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MLG Summer Championship (in Raleigh, North Carolina) competitor passes are now on sale for Mortal Kombat and Soul Calibur. You can purchase them by going to the MLG Store. 1 Player pass is $50.00, or you can get both for $70.00

Get your player pass now, online, before Monday, August 20th at 11:59 PM ET. If you wait to buy your pass at the door, it will be $10.00 more, and you risk them selling out.

Information about the event, including Prizing, Schedule, Rules, and Format, can be found HERE.
Decopon & Shen Chan Interviews By Slasher
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Slasher caught up with Shining Decopon and Shen Chan for interviews after the conclusion of the Soulcalibur V finals at Evolution 2012 for Gamespot Esports. Make sure you watch the interviews after the break, along with the rest of their interviews from EVO 2012 on their YouTube channel.
Click here to watch the interviews.
Photos From Evolution 2012
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Now that I am back home from Evolution 2012, I have been busy uploading all of the photos and videos that I have taken throughout the weekend. I've completed uploading over 400 photos from EVO 2012 which you can find after the break or on my Flickr page.

If you also have any photos that you would like to share, feel free to do so.
Click here to view the photo galleries from EVO 2012.
EVO2K12 Interviews By Cross Counter Asia
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Cross Counter has uploaded two interviews conducted by Zhi with EVO 2012 Soulcalibur V world champion Shining Decopon from Japan and runner up Shen Chan from Singapore. Make sure that you check out both interviews after the break.
Click here to watch the interviews along with the grand finals at EVO2K12.