Empire Arcadia in Guinness World Records!

On the 3rd of August, Guinness World Record's officially tweeted their congratulations to Empire Arcadia for "Most tournament wins for a gaming team". Guinness World Record awards Empire Arcadia as "The most documented tournament wins for a gaming team is 1,111 achieved by Empire Arcadia."

Phillip Atkinson (aka KDZ) Soul Calibur 4 WCG National Champion 2009 and Sean Evers (aka LinkRKC) Soul Calibur 5 Winter Brawl Champion 2012 have contributed wins to the organization helping it becoming the all time tournament winning gaming team in competitive gaming world wide.

Jason Axelrod


Well, when you have half the population of the world sponsored by EMP, it makes sense, haha.

Not to tae anything away from KDZ and Link, just that EMP is half the SF community XD
As an member of EMP I would like to congratulate my teammates LinkRKC and KDZ on helping us achieve prestigious award.

Just an FYI though. EMP IS NOT A SPONSOR. I paid for every tourney I was in and know many more within us who has done the same. And there aren't that many of us around since 2010, the year when Justin Wong left. This world record had whole bunch of different games besides fighting games. And finally, to the guy that said "Fuck Triforce," not only did Triforce contribute 100 wins, he is the one who spent the last decade compiling the evidence to share the award with everyone who has ever gotten a win in EMP. So technically if it wasn't for Triforce, some other gaming team would have this record.