New Soul Calibur V Image & Character Silhouettes
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Daishi has uploaded a new image of Soul Calibur 5 as it is being tuned, as well as two silhouettes of characters to be revealed at San Diego Comic-Con which you can view here and here.

And stay tuned to 8WR for the latest news during EVO2K11 and SDCC.
Toronto Top Tiers Tourny Videos Now Available!
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Tune in HERE to watch Canada's finest compete Toronto Resurrection: Omega Tournament in Soul Calibur 4, BlazBlue and Tekken 6 at the Toronto Top Tiers Stream!

*EDIT* Tournament is now over!
  • 1st - NeoRussel (Yoshimitsu)
  • 2nd - Eli123s (Ivy)
  • 3rd - Oofmatic (Mitsurugi)
Good stuff, guys! Recordings available via playlist.
24Hour Blowout Sale on Tournament Season Flights!
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Anybody who has attended SummerJam or DEVASTATION in the past knows just what an amazing time they guarantee. Both are great events which will be featuring Soul Calibur 4 and some of the world's best players.

If you are on the fence about attending either, or both of these events due to financial restraints, please be aware that for the next 24 hours Southwest Airlines is holding their 40th anniversary blowout sale on flights for the upcoming tournament season.

*EDIT* Deal is now over!

How good are these deals? Well check them out yourself at! I'm talking about ROUND TRIP flights to either event from anywhere in the USA for $80-$240. Don't pass this opportunity up! If you have yet to join the offline tournament scene, or if you have had a taste and need more, this is the time to snatch up those dirt cheap tickets and kick some ass!
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  • Purchase from...
EGMi Cover Story for Soul Calibur V
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EGM now has their June 6th issue of their magazine available to view online which features Soul Calibur 5 on the cover and an interesting interview with producer Hisaharu Tago and director Daishi Odashima.

You can click here to view the issue. You can also buy the current issue at your local news stand. Special thanks to Mr.Nobody for providing the tip.
CEO 2011 Fighting Game Championships Results
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CEO 2011 Fighting Game Championships were this weekend! We were also fortunate enough to have Katsuhiro Harada, fighting game directory of Namco Bandai in the audience. Harada-san presented the top 3 with a medal to wear around their neck, and also a Hori joystick. CEO 2012 is already in the works and SC5 is guaranteed to be on the docket!
  • 1st - RTD (The Apprentice)
  • 2nd - Suirad (Sophitia, Astaroth)
  • 3rd - Enkindu (Voldo)
  • 4th - LuigiPR (Voldo)
  • 5th - Death In My Eyes (Nightmare)
  • 5th - Killa6 (Setsuka)
Videos from the event after the break.
Namco Bandai's E3 Schedule
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Namco Bandai has their E3 lineup schedule available on their E3 Portal. Namco Bandai will be streaming coverage of E3 beginning today; with live updates as well as coverage from the show floor. You can find the SC related information at the below times.

Tuesday, June 7 @ 2:15 pm PDT - Namco Bandai Booth Tour
Wednesday, June 8 @ 12:00 pm PDT - Soul Calibur
Thursday, June 9 @ 3:15 pm PDT - Soul Calibur Dev Interview

Also remember to follow @Filthierich and @MarkMan23 on twitter.
Official 8WayRun Podcast Finally Coming?
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Yeah, we've actually been wanting to do this for a long time; but with the lack of news in Soul Calibur IV, as well as the inability to get people together, things just never came together.

Well now its 2 years later, and a new Soul Calibur is coming! New information is coming out regularly and interests are peaked. The first episode of our new podcast will be recorded live over Justin.TV sometime after E3 this week.

Naturally, the topic will be the recently announced Soul Calibur V; what we can speculate, our hopes and what this really means for all of us. The planned speakers during this first episode are set to be myself, and Idlemind over Skype. The system I have put together works on Skype, so in the future we could potentially do some conference calls; hopefully with Project Soul and Namco themselves. If you have any topics and/or questions you would like answered, feel...
Petition to get Soul Calibur V on GGPO
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This petition is to ensure that the online experience is as best as it can be for us, but this won't happen without your help! You need to sign the petition and tell everyone you know to sign it as well. With your help, this will happen! We need to show them that the players demand this!

In recent years, GGPO has become the gold standard for online netcode in video games. If you do not know anything about the GGPO netcode this is the description, copied and pasted from their website, :

What is it?

GGPO is a networking library that game developers can use to add networked gameplay support to arcade style games. GGPO's latency hiding techniques give each player a gameplay experience that is nearly indistinguishable from playing with their friends locally, even...
Namco Hinting at Some Soul Calibur V at E3?
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While Namco Bandai has been pretty evasive about Soul Calibur V since formally announcing it a couple of weeks ago, they have still occasionally let things leak out. Whether it's Daishi coyly dropping the details on his twitter about his work with upcoming new character Pyrrha, or characters getting revealed on the official website, its clear that Namco Bandai still wants to keep a lot of the details under wraps.

That being said, Namco Bandai recently launched their E3 Portal; where they will be aggregating all their content during next month's press conference, as well as over the course of the entire weekend. And while everyone expects there to be Tekken and Dark Souls details, not much has been said about Soul Calibur. Unless of course you scroll down and see the Soul Calibur logo listed in the games section of the website! Sneaky bastards! Stay tuned to Namco Bandai's E3 Portal over the upcoming weeks up until the end of E3 next week.

Also... FilthieRich in hot water!

Now Streaming Live from GVN Monday Night Gaming!

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In case you didn't know, HuBBs (and the Gaming Vision Network) from PA has a biweekly "Monday Night Gaming" in which he invites players from around the tri-state area to play various fighting games, usually from Namco's catalog. Right now they streaming Soul Calibur IV and you should be watching! These "Monday Night Gaming" sessions usually have some of the more active players in Pennsylvania.

Also, has it's own official Justin.TV channel. JTV has a special feature called "guest hosting"; where with a guest key, anyone can stream as a guest to our channel. So if you have a stream coming up, and you would like to stream your event on the official JTV channel, just let me know in advance. You would stream it exactly the same, except instead of streaming to your channel, which may lack "reach", you would be streaming to ours, and gain all the benefits of our system. High defintion quality, producer status and unlimited international viewing!