A Tale of Souls and Swords - A SoulCalibur Tribute

Great editing with the music and I enjoyed the compilations of all the series. It was nicely done. ^^
Awesome. Simply awesome.

Namco should so something like this someday with upgraded graphics...
whoa, this gave me multiple shivers. extremely well done! The only scene that was missing for me personally was Taki bombing up that demon, because that used to be my goosebumps scene was i was a child.
Thanks many many times, mate!
This gave me so many memories. I pretty much grew up with this series. Nice video man, you have creative talent.
Love it... I almost cried..... So many memories from my souledge/blade days to now... Thk u for dis. B)


Jul 26, 2011 at 4:32 AM
Posted by DRAGOON320
With SoulCalibur V coming in 2012, I thought I should put something together to showcase my excitement. Please rate and/or comment and enjoy the video!

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