Character Analysis - Zasalamel

Damn Spider, that's some really deep stuff. I actually learned some things I didn't know.
this is what the storymode needs to do. help newcommers understand the character with a monologue before the action like with tales of souls except voiced like this.
66A+B is -20 on grd, 2nd hit of 6A+BB*{B} can be GI'd on reaction too...
thx. It would be helpful to get more content on the site.. the only problem is finding people who aren't biased, aren't BSing us, are tech savvy, and aren't crazy... we were doing great until the crazy part
well done i think that us 8wayrunners should do something like this for every character it would be amazing and help noobies to get in SC
Great stuff, someone who understands that ROs are the most pheasible option for him gets some respect.
Thanks fuzzie. Pretty much everything went wrong trying to produce this video lol. I started learning Zas on a whim and glad I did! These lower tier characters are great to learn because I always have to dig deep to find good strategies, but then I can transfer them to higher tiered characters.
I love how spot on these videos are :) some of those combos were sick! Can't wait to see talims!


Oct 25, 2011 at 6:22 AM
Posted by BullRushGroup
I want to apologize first for the quality of this release. The video has taken me MONTHS to prepare and isn't so great. A computer bit the dust, i learned how to install a motherboard to my new computer, and then the HD PVR wont work on my new computer. So things have been a battle of patience but I will pursue. This video is dedicated to consistency. Please enjoy the video and here's to more in the future. Thanks. Also what do you think Zas lacks? What should he get in SCV?

PS Thanks to Krit for the graphic. It turned out really nice! :)
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