Iron Maiden + Ownage of this douche = Gods taco night.

Just hope i won't run into this dude.
I never knew who well Iron Maiden and SC went together 8) It's to bad no body gets in trouble for this kind of shit anymore, this mother fucker needs to get banned.
It all makes sense now. Party wolf is the real Hates.
Well the thing that gets me peeved about Chaos Ninja, I was always kind to him despite him always quitting out of matches... =P I sympathized, he's just upset at losing.

Now he likes to be the person on the OTHER side of the fence, making poor players upset "Wth? He's invisible?! This is cheating!" So he can sit and laugh "Oh, look at these angry rage quitters! Hahaha"

He had my sympathy, now I just look at him as a cyber bully. His past is littered with frustrations that he couldn't always win, so he gave up on skill and decided to just start using steroids..... >_>;;
I will say it again, it's pure gold to watch one of the biggest tryhards lose. I don't use the hypocritical term tryhard, but in this case I'll make it an exception for ChaosNinja case haha.
This is the greatest match in the history of this game. Partywolf, you deserve a medal.
This guy, he can't even win with invisible characters.

Why fight you, if losings all that he can do?
haha i played this guy too i just picked mitsu and only did 1B and 4B and 3-0d him how fucking embarassing
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Damn, this guy must be terrible.
That is pretty OP. Also you couldn't have done it without the power of HATEBOT 9000!
So That Means Everyone In TS Has Beaten This Custom Right?
You are the best. You won the entire SCV universe with this vid.
SOOOOOO BADASS!! >:D Major props to Party Wolf!!!

I was like rooting for you the whole time in this vid! Seriously, that is hacking the game...