Although there are rare circumstances, for the most part bars are accurate when coming to represent ones connection with other players. This was not one of those rare circumstances. This video was not a showcase of skill, I have nothing to prove against Fahros. I beat him here and many other times even on his own channel during one of his episodes. I merely uploaded this because I thought it was funny how he lied and started degrading me when I called him out on his excuses.
For legit, non-fraudulent, non-laggy gameplay, check me out at


Also, I'll be uploading replay showing how I beat this wannabe (when it's not laggy) when I get home tonight or tomorrow. Also, keep in mind that his connection with me, (the consistent 4bar on his end) does not represent my connection with him. It was very laggy on my end, and that's why this entire video is so derp.

I'll show you guys a real match between the two of us soon. Be sure to subscribe to the channel to see that when it comes out. <3
An online victory, what does this prove?
You are extremely laggy...truth be told.
Bars don't mean shit honestly. I've been in super laggy 5 bars and super playable 1 bars. Fahros was probably salty but nobody really knows since you didn't show what you said or the context of anything.