i've almost beaten this hexed algol before. lol
For awhile at first people couldn't hex edit on the PS3, I think is what I heard. But it's on both now.
it's a problem on both consoles but i feel it's more rampant on XBOX than on ps3
Is hex-editing a problem on the PS3 version? Or only the 360 version?
@Party Wolf except Algol has no damage coded for any heights aside from height 5
you got outplayed stop blaming the game
hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!! nice infinite!
There shouldn't be ANY hex editors. The game should be played in the way it was intended.
yea donutman i don't believe all hex editors are like this
I hate guys like these, they make us hex editors look like dicks. We aren't all cheating a-holes like this guy with his invisible Algol. >_>
That combo only exists if you have a small Algol creation.
It's a combo gex. You can't block it.


Jan 25, 2014 at 4:06 PM
Posted by Green Extreme
this asshole i got no clue how to deal with his shit when i can't see him. plus i got no idea what happen on the last round i was holding block and im still being hit like wtf!
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