"Im'a boot you off xbox live. stay right there."

I've ran into that guy in ranked quite a few times an he never talks to me, he just takes his beating and RQs x3
1:55-2:10 ahahahahahahahahha

Man, it can´t be possible. This guys must have serious problems.
LOL I rememer this guy he was super aggressive to me in a PLayer match lobby once and I won and he demanded I rematch him or get booted... xD So i left the lobby and he sent hate mail.
@Vile_Death_Wave Anyone could easily wipe their data and start back from square one. They could very well not allow someone a win. Rank doesn't mean anything.
2:52-2:55, they see me rolling, they hatin.
All those B,B,B's. What a retard >.<
It's funny when someone not even A1, or with 0 experience tells an A1 "there not going to let you win."