Hey Ring! I was wondering how you launch opponents or send them falling to the ground after WP CH 3B SE K. Anyway, I'll try out the other combo strings after WP CH 3B.

I do 5 JF because it's fun to do but I don't think it will be useful in a real fight unless I am fighting someone worse than me. But 5 JF is FUN!
After WP CH 3B you have many options:
- WP CH 3B, SE 66K, SW 1KB
- WP CH 3B, SE 4B+K, CL 4B, SW 214K
- WP CH 3B, SE K, 5 hit JF
- WP CH 3B, SE K, SE K

etc ;) 5 hit JF is not worth to do in combos because of the game's damage scaling , it does less damage than other options but it'ś 10x more difficult.
WP CH 3B 66K.......uh, after that I can't follow up on anything else since I cannot launch the opponent in the air. 4B6B4B6B4B from SE is fun but I need to learn something else.
Mr.Nobody, this is a good place to ask ;) http://www.8wayrun.com/threads/serpents-embrace-tips.1614/
I nearly laughed out loud when I saw that Raphael Santa.
Yaaaay! I did it! I realized that I was "panic" inputing a extra button AFTER B+K ( like pressing B+K TWICE )and that would result in Ivy doing something else.

Now, is there any vid which would show me how to PROPERLY do that Just Frame Mistress Justice move? The timing of that 4b6bab6b ( or something like that ) is INSANE.
Just do CL A+B,A,B+K. Press B+K immediately after A and she will change from coil to sword.
Okay, Ivy 101 combo for idiots ( like me ).

At what point from 1:41 to 1:43 do you change from coil to sword so you can perform 6B8? Do you do this immediately after doing a+b a? I've tried it a few times but I can't air grab Nightmare since he is already down on the floor. Maybe I'm doing it too slow and I am definitely doing something wrong.

Violent_Vodka, it looks like you need to do some testings :P because:

- CH WP 3B, SE 66K, SW 1KB is guaranteed. CH SE 66K is +14 on CH with the fastest shake and SW 1K is i13.
- SW WS B, BT K, 6B8 is guaranteed. It's been tested by many people, the air throw tracks depending on timing. It's a little random, though.
- SW CH 1A, CL 1B,B+K is also guaranteed. We have yet to see someone being able to shake the stun fast enough to block the followup. It's been 3 years and no-one did that. It appears to be a scripted combo or simply a glitch (and Ivy is full of glitches)
I never did, SW 44A. 214K. SW CH 1A CL 1B.B+K is guarenteed. To quick. CL A+B.A SW 6B8 Forgot to test. SW WR B ~ turning around K SW 6B8 Guarenteed. SW CH 44A iCS, I know you dont have to.
CL A+B.A SW 6B8 isn't guaranteed without Nullify Airial Control.
WP CH 3B SP 66K is guaranteed, but can be broken before SW 1K.B.
SW 44A SW 214K doesn't always connect.
SW WR B ~ turning around K SW 6B8 isn't guaranteed. Airial Control.
SW CH 1A CL 1B.B+K isn't guaranteed, stun can be broken.
WP 1B WP 2B+K CL 66A SW 4B8 isn't guaranteed, Airial Control.

Just be sure in every so called "guaranteed" combo, you check every airial control and every Ukemi direction.

Check out these forums for very accurate Ivy information.

*just a note* SW CH 44A doesn't need to be close to the wall for iCS.


Jun 4, 2011 at 6:58 AM
Posted by Paranormal_Oreo
Just a 7.5 min vid of ivy combos. All of the combos are guaranteed.
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