Manta (Voldo) Vs. OOFMATIC (Vader)

Damn that guy can scream.

Anyways, Manta, Awesome Voldo, you seem to know your character very well. I like the style, way to keep up with the chip damage. You both did excellent, and OOF you know I think your Vader is a greek God. Very enjoyable matches to watch, I wish I could play Manta's Voldo, seems to be a very unique Voldo. manta, mad props, and mad props on the ring outs. Answer right right.

Also, OOF, like someoen said earlier, you do have to watch those lows. It should be expected with Voldo. It was free damagae everytime he got you on the ground with those low kicks. But, nice reaction to Manta laying there, and utilizing that to your advantage.
@t3h_mAsTarOth, Vader's 2A is a slow low poke. He only has "real" 2A in FC, but it's probably one of the best in the game (huge range)
oof... not enough low coverage... 2A would've stopped a lot of the BT lows voldo got u with... well unless vader's 2A sucks or something... i don't play him... but with asta i stay out of reach... poke, bait, punish, then get out... cause voldo in blind stance up close is disgusting... btw that voldo guy was really good...
I want to hate the guy commentating but those were some funny ass comments. "OMGWTF he can ring-out-too!"


Aug 13, 2009 at 2:52 PM
Posted by Ooofmatic
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