Mitsurugi Skill Project 2010

Belial you Have to go to Cannes...
Wow good stuff. I don't even use Mistu but this vid was really enlightening. His stances have some great properties that I was never aware of. Hat's off to you.
Belial your mitsu is amazing. Im glad someone else besides me see that mitsu can be an amazing character. I would love to play you offline one day ill lose for sure but thats ok because i can walk away knowing i got beat by a pro mitsu. If don't mind i would like to try and use some of your combos. Can i ask you this though? How should i use A B K auto gi? Should i only use when i know i can GI that move or should i throw it out only when im in that stance? Anyway great video glad you took the time to educate me on mitsu :)


Jan 6, 2010 at 7:54 PM
Posted by Belial
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