Geez! I haven't rolled my eyes this much since i had that demonic possesion.
- Harry S. Plinket
no Goose what you do is spamming this this is art
This is why I like SoulCalibur. every fighting game has gimmicks but SC has so many that when you spam them you make your opponent feel so inferior. It's pretty easy to differentiate "the good" and "the bad" pretty quickly. I avidly use Raph 3B PREP B,B in round one to test this. The best part is when they message you calling you a spammer... classic.
It takes him over 50 seconds to realize all he had to do was 2B.
This must be how he beat Cell...
LMFAO!!! It's funny how confused he was, and he just busts out a random CE.

Nerf the CRAWLY CRAWLY CRAWLY... This aint no tournament.


Oct 3, 2013 at 9:04 PM
Posted by coolcmcgee
swimming is so fun

soulcalibur V is owned by namco bandai
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