NEC 12 moment #2: Lolo does the Truffle Shuffle

I could care less about his victory dance... the man has won for the Americas and that's something I envy.
Jajajajajaja buena esa Lolo! Gracias por representar el poder latino en Calibur!
I am now a fan of the "lolo"
Hey, how do i get a .gif in my signiture?
I don't know what was more epic... the victory itself or the victory dance... LOLO you are my hero.
lol!!. scud face was epic! so as your dance pal XD
lol lol and mas lol, jajajajaja
i already did. check in the NEC results thread, page 2 :P


Dec 4, 2011 at 10:21 AM
Posted by Enkindu
NEC XII moment #2. Lolo wins the team tournament for Team North America in SoulCalibur IV and does a victory dance.
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