Nightmare a:g:A Madness...!

cant watch due to copyright restrictions in europe :(
ya ofcourse she can... it's suppose to be a joke... it just feels good to put that bitch at - frames... and also the frame trap is good enough... nightmare has other stuff to damage sc gauge...
all not to rain on your parade but its doesnt do any SG dmg
she can duck.....


Jan 23, 2009 at 5:24 PM
Posted by t3h_mAsTarOth
this is a video focusing on the move a:G:A of Nightmare... personally i think its his best move... at i15 frames its as fast as 236B from cassandra... *EDIT - it's actually +2 on block... the slow version that's done against taki is +8-10 on block* & it rings out forward and right... plus the main power of a:G:A is how dangerous it is against a itself being done against the wall u can do over 80+ damage... and it also connects after a lot of his combos leading to a wall stun... so in this video i'm showing u guys how good a:G:A actually is... so ENJOY...!
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