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  • Konan-Chan was a girl? I hated that spamming bastard, or should I say bitch.

    She kicked me for "spamming" like three times when she did 6B with taki like 8000 times in a row.

    Good ridance to a horrible player
    Gg on our matches i should jsut really stick with taki from the beggining but im getting bored with her, plus its fucking my shit up offline lol, the lag wasnt that bad i adjusted and good games you do seem to know what your doing so it was a deserved win.
    yo ggs on psn the other night. it was sweet to play with a bunch of you guys after so long confined to XBL.
    um i think its Feb 27th, lots of hype for it, and a lot of websites are saying it lives up to it. and the graphics have some saying its the best looking console game to be released. i had the beta, and i must say, i was very sad when the beta went away, it was a shitload of fun, and looked extremely polished, and that was just a multiplayer beta
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