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  • welcome back kPc! its good to see u again! we'll still have to get those matches in some day =P
    Well, I'm down for game anytime, but the tournament already passed us. But, talk to Miko, and if he says yes, we can do our match tonight or later. I'm down, wasn't fair for me to just pass on through since you were inactive for a bit. Hit me up, I'm on me friends acc- ZidaneFC.
    You and I are up against each other via online tourney. whenever you're ready.
    Hey kpc. Good online matches. I wish by some miracle I get the chance to face you offline though I know itz close to being impossible.
    holy crap, it took long time to get my cable reinstalled since i moved recently, add me so we can fight before the 4th and sorry for going MIA
    Hey guess what

    I was looking through my PSN mail, and it turns out we fought on ranked sometime or something. I think you disconnected due to lag or something.
    Don't forget to confirm the results of our FT10 so I can 'move on up' the ladder like George Jefferson, lol.
    I should be good to go tomorrow, but if you want to arrange a day/time just let me know.

    For the ladder.
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