Paris Games Week 2011: Soul Calibur V - EZIO vs NIGHTMARE

"You salty bitch!" -Nightmare.

Seriously. That's what it sounds like.
Wow, It does sound like Nightmare says bitch durin' his CE, around 0:38!
also... I heard NM say "BITCH" during his CE lol.
they need to get rid of the green GI flash during the freeze frame animation. I cant see NM bcos of that.
:37 = Fuck WHATEVER you're about to do, Ezio
lol nightmare player failed at trolling
NM's agA (in other vids) seems shorter & 6A seems longer, hmm..
In regards to speed, it all depends on who's playing. In other videos, NM looks freakin' fast.
Even with the game intended to have a faster pace. Nightmare seems to be slower than he was in SCIV


Oct 23, 2011 at 7:28 PM
Posted by Master_Thespian
Ezio vs Nightmare
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