Seigfried vs. Setsuka: Pretty deadly if you ask me

Geez... I wonder what would happen if Setsuka had a completely metal umbrella instead of the paper/bamboo one with a blade inside of it? o_O
I love it when people doubt my setsuka as Average.
They're usually the same people that cry foul when she rapes them.
the only thing impressive about that match was that he pull justframes with level 4 connection. Still an average setsuka.
You have no idea how stupid I felt for losing those first two rounds!
That entire match I was like "WTF NOOOOOOOOOOO."
Especially on the ring out, lmao.
Haha yea laswagga is that shit. I think I only won twice against em then out came sets and the umbrella of death.


Mar 23, 2009 at 11:24 PM
Posted by BifordusMaximus
Anyone looking for the ultimate challange online then Laswagga is one of the people you need to fight. I have never seen so many just frames in my life. Me falling for the GI trick everytime didnt help either. I just got owned plain and simple. I think in some time though I can give him a run for his money. Setsuka is an awesome character being that most of her moves are timed differently than everyone else and she's faster than she looks. I think my character has a permanent imprint of an umbrella in his face from being hit so many times with it.
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