So do we ban NM or buff apat 2A?

Yeah, personally, I like Sieg's style over NM's; his 2A, along with Asta's and others with a mid-long range low, has been greatly beneficial in breaking opponents' defenses, or at least it's worked for me when I can't approach.
Siegfried has a good 2A, but it serves a different purpose to most: He has a mid low mixup at mid range to KO in clutch because of it, thats very good.
Nothing to suggest that Nightmare is ban-worthy you can JG this trick and punish or step it and he isn't the fastest character either.
I know, I know xD and same, though not completely terrible. His simplest moves seem good enough, but too many are gambles.
thinking that Nightmare should be banned is ridiculous, I just came here to see the comments, he has a terrible moveset in my opinion lol
If only NM had a decent 2A* :D that's the real reason why he doesn't need a ban lul
If only siegfried had a decent 2A* lol
yes, DNS B is (unfortunely) punishable, but not 2A punishable :p
You can CE DNS B, though, with anyone i14 and down that has some range to the CE, like aPat, Ezio, Cervy, and others
say that to omega's DNS B, you can't 2A it neither and it is a better move.
Not saying you should have known. It felt like I was in the twilight zone in which an SCV patch came out and people are discussing move properties again.
@feelmylance I only discovered it yesterday, so it feels new to me.
I agree with bushindu, his shoes need an eye on it.
So, Nightmare has a move that no character can punish on block? So what?
- Sidestep
- Counter hits (Its not a fast move by any means, you can CH 2A before it hits you)
- Just block it? It forces him into grim stride or standing block. So any advantage he gets, he wastes on an easy block or JG from one of GS moves OR he wastes it by just standing blocking.

If this a serious video about BUFFING aPat or BANNING Nightmare? Then I think you've lost your mind, either that or you need sit down and deal with your ego.
Ban Nightmare his sword doesnt match his shoes.
I know the glitches you speak of. I have a long ban list. It's time to crack down on these broken characters.
Shh. No one tell IAB there are other glitches in the game.
There are only two solutions to this problem. We either ban NM or buff not only apat's 2A, but his CE as well, because apparently even his CE can also be blocked here. We would have to make his CE like i5 or something, because i8 won't cut it.


Jun 29, 2013 at 3:17 AM
Posted by IAdoreBunnies
Someone linked this in the stream chat.
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