Soul Blade (Sega Genesis) - VS. Cervantes & Shadow Cervantes

and im sure you all are joking but this isn't Soul Blade. It's a fanmade game
"Pirate Port"...???... never seen this either. Is (was) this game fan-made like Mugen?
lol @ Metroid music.
For those guys woh haven't noticed it yet - this is not the original Soul Edge. Its pirate port.
The real SE was a 3D game for Playstation 1
Soul edge was only 2d? interesting.. SC has come a long way to say the least :)
Is every single attack at disadvantage, even on hit? Hnnnnnnng.
how the hell did u old guys play this?


Aug 14, 2012 at 10:15 PM
Posted by AZYG4LYFE
This is actually a 'pirate' port.

Get it? Arrrgh...

ugh bad joke...enjoy :)

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