[Soul Calibur 5] Cervantes Glitch?

Nah, the GI had nothing to do with it, it's the move, itself.
I know its an input, but I just wanna know did the GI glitch it or something? I have no idea wth happened.
The bullet traveled through the fourth dimension.
Oreo was trying this out on me the last time we played. He would do it as I did the 8A+B jf
Lol it's BT DC k. Fires a shot behind him.
Am I the only person who knows that this move is an additional input you can do? It's not a glitch. My friend mains Cervy and he explained it to me.


Jul 27, 2013 at 4:29 AM
Posted by KitKay
Yeaah uhh wtf? lol?
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