Soul Calibur 5 critical edge parry "all" characters (see description)

Hmmmm. The characters under info list Ivy. I know its a grab, but is there any way you can stop it besides ducking?
From what I've just seen, I sure hope we get an Evo Moment similar to Moment #37 next year:
Damn I feel like a scrub now. I practiced JG for over an hour and couldn't do it once! I had to give up :)
It's Street Fighter 3 all over again.


Feb 1, 2012 at 1:09 PM
Posted by LunarAura

Edge Master and Kilik - They are mimic characters and have no unique Critical Edge moves
Ivy and Astaroth - Likely can't just guard theirs because they're throws
Dampierre - Character I don't have because I didn't preorder the game from Pest Buy
Viola - Screw her. Dat bitch cray
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