SOULCALIBUR V - Lobby Crashers (Episode 3)

Do the world a favour and stop using custom characters.
Ohhhh maybe nowwww you could follow my advice and SPLLLLLLLLLICE in youtube.
It's just that nothing exciting happens. And it's low level play. Was a throw even broken? Oh, the whiffs. What i'm saying is I can understand sp1d3r
Unfortunate NC whiff at the end for Mitsu :(
Stop spamming videos please.


Mar 1, 2013 at 8:26 AM
Posted by CjHN2
a player match lobby featuring Maya, Chrisette, Roselia and Christopher - 2/28/13

i couldn't find anybody to fight against in the GC or ranked matches, that day. the guy playing with Nightmare was the host.

Chrisette vs Sepiroth (Nightmare CC) - 0:00
Maya/Roselia vs Aeon - 3:12 / 5:13
Christopher vs Elysium - 6:39
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