Soulcalibur V - X360 / PS3 - Battle Replay 5 - Raphael Vs Ivy

I don't like that Raph player.... ab ab ab ab ab. But if that Ivy never wants to strafe him, I guess he deserves to be spammed.
Vertical happy maybe, but this raph never used SE A, 22A nor 44A B
Ralph may benefit simply due to the higher mobility in this game. He was dancing around Ivy towards the end of those sets and just doing poke/poke/poke.
Wasn't Raphael mid tier in SCIV? From the looks of it, he looks just as good as he was in that game.:S
Although I admit Raphael looks better this time, he still seems quite vertical-happy :(
I going to say this now, Best Series Raphael.:):);)
hope to see ivy players still, with all the new characters.
Oh Raphael, how I love to move you with my fingers O///0
Weirdest whiff at 0:39 thus far in the game.
Weirdest whiff at 0:39 thus far in the game.


Jan 2, 2012 at 11:47 AM
Posted by Di_PL
Here is the fifth Battle Replay starring Raphael and Ivy, played by top French community members during Paris Games Week event in October 2011.

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