SoulCalibur4 Cervantes Presentation Part 2

these work great offline , but finishing iGDR online can be difficult. i just wonder htf you come up w/ this stuff. I know iv got my special App combos that can do 100 but this is ridiculous. though in i think the combo where you slammed someone into the wall w/ 66K, couldn't u have caught w/ B2 to "re-wall" him?
well this isnt me in a actuall match though i probably could land a majority of these offline if i got the chance
Your 3B:B is so consistent that it's crazy O_O


Aug 19, 2009 at 12:38 AM
Posted by babalook
These are all garenteed combos or the techtraps catch all sides again. This is just to show off some of his flashier and more impractical stuff again. The song is not mine it's devil may cry's and it's name is Loop Demo Movie so im not copy writing, also it may sound like the first song but its not . I didnt have that much to work with this time since most of my ideas where taken in the first video but this is pretty much the left overs.Not everything here is a combo or a techtrap it may just be a example of somthing. Hope you enjoy and please rate or comment again :)
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