【SOULCALIBURⅤ TGN30】Semifinal Round A Oosaka(MA)vs.Crsk(LE)&Interview

yeah that 66B4 did a grab worth of damage
4:03 damage off chucks was... wow...
Just guard will be more than viable, as will super stepping and the eventual frame fighting to come. All of this will be handled...
Maxi Is going to Rape people without the old COUNTERING system! I am sorry but I am not ok with this new countering system, and i think people will agree with me in the months to come! but by then it will be too late!


Nov 30, 2011 at 12:17 PM
Posted by masakarijin
2011年11月19日(土)TGN 30th Night『SOULCALIBURⅤ』Location test Entries 32
At Akihabara Clark studio
Commentary:Tsuno☆Kyou・Usiguchi・Director Odajima

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Semifinal Round A Oosaka(MAXI)vs.Crsk(LEIXIA)
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